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Chattisingpora Massacre & Mrs. Clinton Indian Visit

To remove Indian worries and enhance US-India strategic partnership` offering solutions to the challenges of 21st century, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting India on July 17,2009 . She will meet with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna, other government officials, the leader of the opposition, entrepreneurs, scientists, and youth, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly. Indian is projecting her visit as new start with Obama s government. Mrs. Clinton visit can be wrapped while covering many angles but Indian intellectuals should be mindful that focus of the US Sectary of state s visit would be guarding her interests in the region by assigning the responsibility of Asian Watch Dog and nothing more would be gaining by New Dehli.

US interest of promoting India as regional power, strengthening her against China, Russia and Pakistan, using Indian market to boost US economy, getting access to Indian Nuclear Programme, intensification of Israeli and Indian ties against Muslim world, making her future and permanent ally of future world war, helping Indian government in suppressing on going liberation movements like Kashmir, Khalistan Moist, Bengal and Tamil could be some of the major aims of Clinton s visit. In fact US, Israel and India are the main players of The Grate Game which have been planned to achieve regional and global domination and capturing of Central Asian Recourses. Sikh community, Kashmiries and Pakistani government should analyse the said game plan since Clinton visit could be the part of regional mascara too. This is the time for UNO to interfere and ask India to resolve burning Kashmir conflict. New Delhi and Tel Aviv should be pressurized to respect international law and neighboured countries rights.

India was showing reluctance over restart of composite dialogues with Pakistan and always tried to link the talks with Mumbai Drama but some how failed to provide worthwhile evidence of involvements Pakistani establishment. Both countries returned from the brink of the war. New Delhi always tried to stage some drama at the time of visit of some foreign dignities. RAW has played Mumbai drama to divert the world attention from main core issues i.e. Kashmir and Water grabbing.

There are reports that Indian agency RAW in collaboration with Mossad is again planning to launch a new episode to attract the world attention at the occasion of Clinton visit. In this connection these unnatural allies may go for some misadventure against Pakistan and China or may hit any worth while target in India and afterward would allege Pakistan involvement in that.

Anyhow Mrs. Clinton visit took me to the past when at the occasion of her husband

(Former President Bill Clinton) visit, notorious agents of RAW in Chattisinghpora (Islamabad, Kashmir) slaughtered 35 members of Sikh community on March 20, 2000. The grieved families are still asking and seeing their innocent Sikh Prime minister for justice. It was a horrible evening of 20 March 2000, 15 to 17 unidentified gunmen dressed in Indian army fatigues entered the village of Chattisinghpora, located in Islamabad district. They ordered all of the Sikh men and boys to assemble at the village Gurdwara and systematically shot and killed 35 of them. Many others were injured in the attack, and at least one man died later of his injuries. The sole survivor of the massacre was Nanak Singh Aulakh, who recounted the events to reporters.

A unit of Rashtriya Rifles stationed nearby failed to intervene during the attack. The attackers wore military uniforms, and were lead by a man they addressed as ‘Commanding Officer.’ At they withdrew, they allegedly shouted Hindu slogans and left behind bottles of liquor. This was the first time in the Kashmir clash that Sikhs had ever been targeted. In the aftermath of the attacks, the then Indian Home Minister L K Advani offered the state’s Sikh population additional protective measures. However the local Sikh leadership reportedly discarded the plan saying that the Muslim majority had not been hostile to them before and that no protection was needed.

The butchery, which took place on the eve of US President Bill Clinton’s visit to the subcontinent, was widely condemned by both the Indian and Pakistani governments as well as leaders of the Kashmiri separatist movement. Although the Government of India and the state government of Jammu and Kashmir did not launch an early official investigation into the massacre, they immediately accused Lashkar e Tayyiba and Hizbul Mujahideen. However the Hurriyat Conference accused the Indian government of carrying out the massacre to discredit Kashmiri independence movement while Syed Salahuddin, head of Hizbul Mujahideen said: “Mujahideen have nothing against the Sikh community which sympathizes with our struggle. We assure them that there never was and there will never be any danger to Sikhs from Kashmiri freedom .

According to the sources reports the participants of these were the same individuals who have trained under the direct supervision of Col Prohit allegedly involved in blasting of Samjota Express and elimination of Christian s community in Orica. There are also confirmed reports that most of the troops belong to the units located in Islamabad (Indian Held Kashmir). The participants of operation Blue Star were also part and parcel of Sikh crushing movement in Kashmir. The Sikh community in Kashmir is demanding reopening the case of Chattisinghpora massacre in which 35 member of the community were killed in cold blood on March 20, 2000. But I am quite sure that weak Indian Prime minister will not be able to provide the justice to his community in the cases of Chattisnghpora and operation Blue Star.

India is trying hard to create instability, targeting killing of foreigners and locals to create panic in general masses. Our adversary (India) has always planned some sabotage activities for damaging Pakistan. The recent blast waves, killing of an official (MR. Zel-e- Usmann) representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) could be the tasks of RAW.

The chief of the U.N. refugee agency in Pakistan, Guenet Guebre-Christos, said the dead U.N. worker was a 59-year-old Pakistani Usman who had worked for the U.N. for 30 years. The official was a true Pakistani, honest and balanced personality and always tried to support the cause with his full strength. The killing of Late UNO official a day prior to Hillary visit is a big question mark. His killing was a try to pose Pakistan a terrorist country. Pakistan Government and other communities should be watch full against RAW agents around us.

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