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Indian Media & other Polimic Entertainments

A known state terrorist, India is not despised by the international community the way in the country deserves because of the media and other entertainments going on in the country diverting the global attention from the ghastly holocausts cum rapes in Jammu Kashmir. Not even big women and human rights originations have condemned orasked their countries to cut diplomatic ties with Hindu terror nation, because the their “men” have not asked them to do so.  On the contrary, India’s terror records have brought Israel and USA closer to Indian for joint operations to kill Muslims and reduce Islamic populations. India Media plays funny roles to hide the terror operations and focus entertainments through controversies and scandals, including sex. Indian “democratic” anti-Muslim organizations like RAW/IB cruelly play Kashmiri Muslims against Hindus. The issue of Shopian rape-cum-murders by the “democratic and secular”  Indian terror forces has been diverted by raking up the sex scandals where all pro-India elements like Congress, Governor, PDP and NC have played a worthy role for terror India. That is India! After all it is strategic partner of USA-Israel fascists.


Good news first. South Asian tennis ace Sania Mirza is back in action firing her first salvo soon after her engagement affecting a positive omen for her married life with blessed Tennis innings. Competing in only her second Challenger event, Sania Mirza clinched the USD 50,000 ITF title in Lexington, USA after an upset wins over top seed Julie Coin. Sania Mirza celebrated her engagement to childhood friend Sohrab Mirza by winning the $50,000 Lexington Challenger ITF women’s tennis event in Kentucky on 27 July.

The 22-year-old Hyderabadi girl, who was returning to the courts after her betrothal earlier this month, made light of top seed Julie Coin of France for a 7-6 (5), 6-4 victory in the summit clash.. Before engagement she said she needs her own person, apart from mom and dad to share happiness especially when she wins. Sania get over-excited when she wins a mixed-double tournament.  “My biggest strength is that no one can read my forehand”¦ I can hit it anywhere,” Sania said after her win.

The win saw Sania move up three places to 80 in the WTA Tour rankings. However, she dropped 10 spots to 49th in the doubles chart. Earlier, last week, barely a few days after her engagement, tennis ace Sania Mirza has returned to the courts, but this time in the company of her fiancé Sohrab Mirza. Sania for the first time turned out for practice at the LB Stadium along with her childhood friend Sohrab with whom she got engaged on July 10 before departing for the US on July 16. “We have tried to spend as much time as possible. This is where (stadium) I am most of the time, so he (Sohrab Mirza) decided to join me and he is also getting interested in tennis.”

Hopefully her future husband is also accompanying her. That is it, Sania, keep going up!  South Asia’s Tennis sensation Sania Mirza avoids controversies of all kinds, but occasionally she is dragged in.  Sania would do well by keeping herself only Women singles and doubles. Mixed double in Tennis she should skip hereafter after all she has her own choice from Hyderabad as fiancé and life partner. Sania Mirza should avoid scandals. Best Wishes for happy their married life.

Oh… scandals….. Sex scandals are not rare on international scene. Among others, the law makers and law breakers get involved in this and they get caught only when someone spots the secret “contacts” out and reports to the media. Bureaucrats do it in a discreet manner.  Indian leaders like M.K. Gandhi and J. Nehru were alleged to have had illicit affairs with ladies of their liking, but that is just human weakness. US present Bill Clinton almost lost his job on his alleged affair with her beautiful secretary: was her name Lewinsky (Hope, Mrs. Clinton would not read this and if at all, she does, then just ignore this). Hindi film actor Amitabh Bachhan, a former MP of Allahabad where beauty rivers Ganges and Yamuna converge only to consume Yamuna, once scolded the media persons by advising them: “Look, what I do in privacy matters you too much. If my wife Jaya has no objections, then every thing is OK for me. Why you fellows grumble” The media personas left his office immediately without waiting for any “cash award” from the actor which they had perhaps expected for silencing him.

In “democratic” India secret torture points and love affairs are common. Scandal has not spared the Chief Minister of militarized Kashmir which is under Indian terror occupation. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today offered to resign from the post after a senior PDP leader made a serious allegation that he was involved in last year’s sex scandal But I want to resign till I am cleared of this false allegation. I cannot work till I am proved innocent. It is a blot on my character. The whole drama began when PDP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Beig leveled the allegation that Abduallah was involved in the infamous Srinagar sex scandal. He claimed he had a list of people involved in the scandal in which Abdullah’s name figured against no 102.

The High hotels run by Indian so-called celebrities conduct illegal businesses and the latest discovery of visuals of a skimpily-clad woman dancing on the floor at cricketer Sourav Ganguly’s bar and restaurant in Kolkata in a sting operation by a local TV channel showed what is happening in the democracy in India. Politicians, bureaucrats and other varieties of people are involved in the nefarious operations around the nation.


Media mischief is not uncommon in India especially playing with the life of film personalities. Many in the filmdom have accused of immoral affairs, but generally the heroes and heroines avoid getting into controversies for fear of spoiling their “images”. In the film industry, you cannot usually say friendship and actresses in the same breath. Actress Manisha Koiralaa once took a director to the court for misusing the contract to add sexy scene without her knowledge and as if she is acting the scene… Manisha got wild and final compromise reached not so soon. South Indian actress Trishah is of late perturbed over media blasting over her personal life and spreading rumors about her.  So when there were rumors that Trishah had snapped all ties with Ramya (reportedly over a Telugu film with Ramya’s husband, director Krishna Vamsi), Trisha came all out to rubbish these rumours. But as there are exceptions to the rule, like Trishah and Ramya Krishnan, who share a good rapport and are close friends.  Actually the two were spotted at the recently-held Sidney Sladen’s Fashion Show in Chennai, getting along very well. They even walked the ramp for the designer. Great going girls! Wherever young Tamil actress Trishah goes, controversies seem to follow her like a shadow. The print media here was abuzz with news that Trishah, who had gone to a hotel in the city with her friends, had entered into an ‘unsavoury’ argument with former-India cricketer Badani. Outspoken Trishah has, however, issued a stern denial about the incident and said that certain ‘vested interests’ have been spreading rumours about her with an aim to malign her image. ‘I won’t keep mum from now onwards. Whosoever writes or says anything bad about me, I won’t mind taking them to court. While it was true that I had been to a star-hotel with my friends, neither did any cricketer come there nor did I enter into a verbal duel with him,’ says Trisha. The cricketer, on the other hand, was not available for a comment on the alleged incident. Do the Indian media hide some other “more important” item in the scandal
A Word

Needless to add that Indian intelligence has played the usual havoc in Kashmir by diverting the global attention form sovereignty issue. Since India wants to get Kashmiris and world public form devastating genocides in Kashmir and drive them away from the ghastly Shopian issue of rape-cum-murder of two Kashmiri women by the occupying terror Indian forces, the old sex scandal was resurrected. When enough is achieved, JK CM Omar Abdullah, who heads Congress-led cabinet, has been asked by the Indian government through the JK governor Vohra to “resume” work. And Omar is back to “work”.

What next After all “innocent” terror India is just great and it knows how to “do enough”! They and their media play Indian games to entertain the world. What is intrigue is the crude fact that media in Pakistan and Kashmir also play the same old games. Freedom leaders seem to remain under the custody of the pro-India elements.

Indian media are nasty, but they do exactly what the regime and intelligence ask them to do. From news papers to private FM stations every thing is now state media.  It is said in media circles, scandals keep the people engaged lively. Then, any one has any objections Media thrive on funds supplied by the national and regional multi-gangs that make news.

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