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Establish Palestine & Disarm Fascist Israel!

By: Dail.pk


US President Obama has been pushing for a comprehensive Middle East peace deal and asking the Zionist regime to stop settlements and remove them to be able to establish much delayed Palestine state. Relations between the two allies have soured in recent weeks over US demands that the settlement construction halt. But an adamant Israel tries for locating excuses to prolong the issue and kill more Palestinians at a time when US-led NATO terror forces are murder ring Muslims in Islamic world. Tel Aviv expects Washington to understand the truth that both are partners in holocaust of Muslims globally along with another military-strategic partner Hindu India.Although the Israelis are reluctant to agree to demands that they stop settlement building, there expect a US compromise brewing whereby the Israelis insisting on finishing the building of 2,000 new apartments a short distance inside the West Bank, but freeze all other construction. That means no progress in the talks.
The US appears to be making a major diplomatic push in pursuit of a comprehensive Middle East peace deal. Defence Secretary Robert Gates is in Iraq after stops in Israel and Jordan and President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser James Jones and veteran diplomat Dennis Ross are also to arrive in the region to join the effort. In earlier meetings in the region, US Mideast envoy George Mitchell urged all countries to make the difficult choices needed for peace. That includes between Israel and Palestinians, between Syrians and Israelis, between Israel and Lebanon and the normalization of relations between Israel and all of the countries in the region. envoy George Mitchell and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu say talks about reviving the regional peace process have made “good progress”. True to their Zionist ideology, the Israeli leadership keeps shifting their position on settlement issue.

Israel is knwon for double talks. There is no mention of Israel agreeing to halt settlement construction, a key demand the US has made of its ally. Netanyahu has previously rejected such a freeze, saying “natural growth” of settlements must be allowed. Earlier, he told Israeli President Shimon Peres that Israel could improve the climate by “dealing with difficult issues like settlements and outposts”. Israeli arrogance and tyrance stem from the support from the Western powers and the lucratice arms trade with thrid world coutnries like India.

Israel decides the fate of Palestinians and not the Arabs or other Muslims; the USA understands it too plys seocnd fiddle to the terrorist Israel that has annexed the Palestilne lands. Israel always has found or manufactured reasons to stall the peace process and deny the defenseless Palestinians their right to live and establish their own state/ Now that Hamas has stopped playing with toy missiles at times falling into the Zionist territories, Israel has been trying to respect some other reasons to stay on the occupied Palestine. Now it cunningly says Iran has to stop its legitimate nuclear work but refuses to declare itself a nuclear free state by destroying all nukes it possesses now acquired with help form the Western powers.

The neo-imperialists and coloniaalisms are good at diverting the world attention by raking up non-ssies and confuse the world. Israeli officials have said military action remains an option on Iran. In Israel, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said recent US overtures to Tehran were “not open-ended”. Despite the US concern for movement on an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, Israel says its number one priority remains Iran’s nuclear program. Thus the US-Israeli gamble goes on. Only Obama could reset the priorities and policies to make the world safe from state rogues and fascists.


In spite of international outcry over holocaust in Palestime, Zionist fascists remian unpunished for their holocasut crimes in Palestine for decades and the USA, EU, UN, UNEC or ICJ has not yet come upp with meassures to clip the military power of fascist Israel. As predicted by international community which severely criticized the war and its conduct, the Israeli government has said that the Israeli military campaign in Gaza earlier this year was “necessary and proportionate”. According to the United Nations, the Israeli military campaign left more than 50,000 homes, 800 industrial properties and 200 schools damaged or destroyed, as well as 39 mosques and two churches. 1,400 Gazans died in the conflict, only thirteen Israeli died in Zionist fascist attack on Palestine on the eve of the Israeli poll which became difficult for the ruing coalition against hawkish Likud party. BY accusing and provoking the ruing dispensation to invade Palestine, former Israeli PM hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly ahead of the Kadima ruing party’s Livni. Hence the Ehud Olmert regime tries to outwit opposition by terror attacking Palestine killing thousands of innocent Palestinians, including children and women and old people. Dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed or wounded by white phosphorus shells.

Although no special tribunals have been set up for trials, there is some ray of hope that Israeli criminals would be borught to justice. The UN Human Rights Council has appointed former South African judge Richard Goldstone to investigate whether war crimes were committed during the conflict. Israel has declined to co-operate, accusing the UN Human Rights Council of bias against it. The conflict lasted for 22 days, ending on 18 January. Allegations persist against the Israeli military about killings of unarmed civilians, the use of civilians as human shields and indiscriminate destruction of property.

Iraeli leaders also bluffs that humanitarian aid was allowed into Gaza throughout the conflict, though the opposite was correct. But Netanyahu said they were making progress “toward achieving the understanding that will enable us to continue and complete the peace process established between us and Palestinian neighbours and the countries in the entire region”. “We look forward to continuing our discussions to reach a point that we can all move forward to reach a comprehensive peace,” he said. What the Obama administration understands by “good progress” should be made clear to the world.

The Palestinians have said all Israeli settlement building on occupied territory must cease before any worthwhile talks can resume.

Palestinians have said it was not safe to leave their homes to try to escape fighting and shelling, that they were unable to access the humanitarian aid. UN considers a threat to the world body the damage caused to UN facilities by Israeli strikes. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat accused Israel of failing “to fulfill any of its roadmap obligations, including a settlement freeze, the reopening of Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem, removal of outposts, the release of Palestinian prisoners”. Mitchell said the Palestinians should “take action against incitement and… refrain from any words or deeds that may make it more difficult to move quickly toward successful negotiations”. The Egyptians are currently brokering reconciliation talks between the deeply divided Palestinian factions of Fatah and Hamas.


Peace in the new Mideast region with a new Palestine state could be ensured by Arab states, UN special peace mission and USA. Heavily militarized nuclear Israel could be perpetual threat to Palestine even after an Independent Israel comes into being. Zionist regime has showcased its tyrant instincts n the terror attacks, the latest one being in December 2008. At a joint news conference with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Saudi foreign minister said: “Temporary security and confidence-building measures will also not bring peace. What is required is a comprehensive approach that defines the final outcome and launches into negotiations over final-status issues.”

Mrs. Clinton said the U.S. aim was to get agreement from the parties to begin negotiations with the intention of resolving all the issues in a “comprehensive way. We know that this is all in the process that has to be undertaken and we are looking forward to seeing the parties sitting down at the negotiating table. By final-status issues, Saud was referring to matters such as resolving the borders of a future Palestinian state, the fate of refugees, water disputes and the future of Jerusalem. In blunt language, the Saudi minister said Israel was shifting attention from those core issues by focusing on Jewish settlement building on Palestinian territory. Saud said Israel is being asked to give back land that “never belonged to it in the first place.”

Egypt that mediates between the “teams”, is not doding enough to settle the decades’ long global issue. Saudi Arabia, whihc has also offered a peace plan, on 31 July Friday accused Israel of not being serious about peace with the Palestinians and rejected U.S. pleas to improve ties with Israel as a way of jump-starting regional peace talks. Although time is fasting running out of Zionist regime, the Obama administration is not making any strict rules f fascist Israel which is still ill-focussed on destroying Palestine by clubbing with Fatah PLO Abbas by revealing the hidden truth about the murder of Yassar Arafat in which Abbas was involved. It is already six months after the last round of holocaust of Palestinians and Israel must be feeling restless without terror attacking Gaza. The U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, has sought to get confidence-building measures on all sides in a bid to revive talks stalled after Israel’s invasion into Gaza last December in response to rocket attacks on the Jewish state.

Zionist reigme, its Mossad plus the CIA agents spread rumours now that the Palelstnians don’t seek an excluslive state for themselves. To prove their arguent, the fatah and Hamas factions keep their infightings intact. Despite several rounds of talks, the two Palestinian factions are still at odds on the most sensitive issues, such as the shape of a future unity government, the remit of the joint security force and the system that would be implemented for any upcoming elections. Leaders and officials from the Palestinian Authority say they are frustrated. There was a vague hope, in some quarters, that the PA might have won some fresh political ground from Israel ahead of the long-delayed Fatah conference, which is due to start a week today.

Establishment of Palestine state and disarmament of fascist Israel has to go hand in hand if the Obama admnistration really is keen to show results in their efforts to bring lasting peace in Mideast. The way Obama’s predessors, espeicallay th eimmediate Bush hae approached the issue is much to be desried becasue they alwasy supported the Zionist reigme and joined the Zionist reigme in condemning Palestninas. President Bush never visited Gaza the occupied lands and he called the defeseless Palestinians terrorists and the terror Zionist occupiers the democrats. Even while in Israel Bush who mhad made the world beclive he would help create Palesltne before he left the office, praised Zionism and slammed Palestine. Presdeitn Obama should take not this and desist from follwing the same strategy.

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