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US to deploy 1,000 marine commandoes at Islamabad’s American Embassy

by: PKKH

US Marine commandoes numbering 1,000 will be deployed at American Embassy in Islamabad under massive expansion work which is nearing completion.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit Khan has said that 1,000 US Marines will be coming to Pakistan to be deployed at US Mission.

He said that there was no restriction on the number of personnel that a foreign mission could station at its mission but it is done through mutual understanding.

The FO Spokesman stated on Wednesday while replying to a query relating to increase in the strength of the US personnel at Islamabad’s mission, The Nation reported.

A former Pakistan diplomat had objected to the US plans to have a bigger presence in Pakistan in the pursuit of its strategic interests in the region.

Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan said that it is evident that America wants to remote control the region from Islamabad.

According to an estimate, Washington is planning to spend a whopping one billion dollars for revamping its main embassy building in Islamabad and increase the strength of its staff.

The Obama Administration is about to spend 405 million dollars for the reconstruction and refurbishment of the main embassy building and 111 million dollars for constructing a new complex for 330 personnel.

A further 197 million dollars would be spent for construction of a housing unit for about 250 personnel.

Not only this, the United States is also planning to give its consular buildings in Lahore and Peshawar a new look.

Experts believe that this is a clear cut strategy of the US to augment its presence and establish control over the region.

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