What’s India Got To Do With It?

By : PKKH & Daily.Pk

The War that is currently raging in the NWFP needs to be fought on ground as well as on the information front. Therefore the historical perpective on India’s involvment in creating unreset in NWFP must be looked into at this time.

One must look at certain events that shed light on the role that Hindus that lived and worked in the NWFP at the time of partition have played in starting the troubles in NWFP.

Below are copies of de-classified US State Department documents:

Lets now disect this report:

1. In 1967 under Mehr Chand Khanna , a hindu that was finance minister of NWFP during british time , initiated the UPF or the United Paktoonistan Front. Needless to point out that this is well after the formation of Pakistan and the intent ofcourse to break up Pakistan

2. The UPF , and India based organization that espoused the break up of Pakistan, presented the UPF memorandum to the then Indian Prime Minister Moraji Desai who assured them support on this cause.Moraji Desai by the way is that Indian Prime Minister that used some form of traditional therapy that required him to drink his urine.

3. Mr Khanna’s ‘Pakhtoonistan’ was to be made up of Five agencies of the tribal areas the the Pakistani Baluchistan ( leaving out the Iranian Sistan province as the intent ofcourse was to get back at Pakistan for getting independance from ‘mother india’ )

4. Interestingly the US State Department document mentions that the ‘UPF has no political links with political groups supporting Pakhtoonistan such as Jana Sangh’. Which sort of indicates that the Jana Sangh organization was also supporting the break up of Pakistan but not nessicarily working with the UPF.

5. One gets curios as to who and what is Jana Sangh , well is turns out that Jana Sangh is non other than the Bhartiya Janta Party
( It was previous’y known as BJS , Bhartiya Jana Sangh or just Jana Sangh Bharatiya Jana Sangh)

In conclusion we can see that Indian Hindus have felt the need to try to break up Pakistan one way or the other and NWFP and Baluchistan have been their targets not just in the present times but in the past also.

While the United sates continues to deny that India has no hostile intentions towards Pakistan , their own documents seem to point other wise.

My dear fellow Pakistanis , just like there are five pillars in Islam , Tauheed , Namaz , Roza , Zakat and Haj.

Iss Pak Zameen kay bhi panch satoon hain , Sindh , Sarhad , Punjab , Kashmir aur Balochistan.

Its is out duty to denfed and , defend we shall InshaAllah.


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