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Pakistan’s Cyber Warriors Come To Billboards

By AhmedQuraishi.com & PakNationalists

Pakistanis are disappointed and demoralized by their inept feudal-politicians and a corrupt bureaucracy.  For most Pakistanis it is hard to believe there are Pakistanis out there working selflessly for a cause larger than themselves.

But there are Pakistanis like that.  Many of them.  Nameless, faceless nationalist Pakistanis, men and women, waging their own battles to make this country a better place every day and they do this by spreading the word in Urdu and English on Internet.  There is Town9 Times, Pak Alert Media, PakistanFirst.com, RupeeNews.com, Adeeb Media, Daily.pk and countless others not mentioned here who work every day to counter the massive anti-Pakistan propaganda in the Am-Brit mainstream media.  And they all do this expecting no reward except the good feeling at the end of the day that they have done their bit in serving their homeland.

Their work is filling a huge hole in the Pakistani government’s otherwise weak media skills.

PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com is another name in this long list of Pakistani cyber warriors.  And today, on the 62nd Pakistan Independence Day, this website comes to the billboards.

Starting from Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolis.   This is a picture of one location in the heart of the city that went up on the eve of 14 August.

PKKH Billboard
PKKH banner

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