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Jinnah & Patel fireworks as BJP self-destructs

by: RupeeNews

Jaswanth Singh eulogized Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his current book. The Bharati media weaned on the milk of "Jinnnah hatred" don't have a clue about one of the greatest political leaders of South AsiaJaswanth Singh eulogized Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his current book. The Bharati media weaned on the milk of “Jinnnah hatred” don’t have a clue about one of the greatest political leaders of South Asia

The electoral loss in the last elections has had a serious impact on the the functioning of the Hinduist party run by Mahasaba extremists of the Rai, Sarawak, Haldi Ram variety who have not lost any opportunity to malign and murder Muslims, Christians and Dalits. The spiritual fountainhead of the BJP was the RSS. It was an RSS Hindu extremist who killed Mohandas Gandhi. The BJP hates Mohandas Gandhi and hate the Indian National Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru. Sardar Patel was a hawk in the Congress and was supported by the Hindu Mahasabah who supported his policy action in Hyderabad and his bullying of the other smaller states like Junagarh and Manvadar hat had joined Paksitan.

Ironically is was Sardar Patel who actually banned the RSS for its terror activities against the Congress and its spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi. It the RSS banning that may have encouraged Mr. Jaswanth Singh to speak up against the leader of the Congress.

Mr. Singh may have miscalculated. Sardar Patel is still the spiritual Godfather of the RSS and an icon of one of the stalwarts of the BJP–Mr. Narendar Modi.

NEW DELHI: Expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh targetted L K Advani on his return to Delhi on Thursday, accusing the latter of not returning the

favour done by him when the former deputy PM had been embroiled in the “Jinnah-was-secular” controversy.

Jaswant denied he had accepted the BJP resolution setting out its position on the Muslim League leader. Asked about his role when the Advani controversy broke out, he said, “I never subscribed to the June 10, 2005, resolution of the party. Even then I had stood by Advani and against the treatment meted out to Lalji. I stood up for Advani’s right to say what he did.”

Asked whether he felt Advani had “failed to return the favour” and defend him at the meeting of the parliamentary board in Shimla, Jaswant told reporters, “My grandfather had told me never remember a favour you have done and never forget a favour done to you.” The leader sounded somewhat downcast as perhaps the event began to sink in.

But Jaswant also attacked RSS, while replying to questions and retorted to BJP’s allegation that he had gone against the core belief of the party. “I don’t know which part of the core belief I have demolished. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a tall Congress leader who banned the RSS. What is the belief which I have disturbed,” he said. He added that the party had not clarified which of the eight references to Sardar Patel in his book it had objections to.

The mood in BJP seems to be set against the leader with party members saying that the Jinnah episode had gone on far too long. They said the book and his remarks, along with a rash of dissidence, needed to be tackled firmly and a message was required.


Some did feel that he should have been first suspended and others also argued that sacking Jaswant over the phone was distasteful. Perhaps the leader could have been called to meet senior party leaders. But from the manner in which he was asked to go, there did not seem to be many sympathisers. It was also felt that if he pressed on with his martyr act, it might prove counter-productive.

Jaswant said he had written about Jinnah’s intractability and constant changing of positions that contributed to Partition. “Certainly Congress leaders were responsible as were the British,” he said. But his explanations seem to have come too late as the BJP’s door are firmly shut.

On its part, BJP on Thursday fielded senior party leader Arun Jaitley in Shimla to justify the party’s decision to sack Jaswant. Jaitley said the party would ordinarily have no objections to any intellectual exercise by a party functionary as long as it did not violate the core beliefs of the party.

“The issue is not your right to author a book but the issue is what you say and what you write. The basic issue that remains is content of the book. No political party can allow any member, a frontline leader, to express views that go against the core ideology of the party,” he said.

Jaswant, however, failed to see enough reason in that argument and said, “I am not going to argue with a lawyer’s contention.”

In Shimla, Jaitley sought to make a distinction between Jaswant’s views on Jinnah and what was said by Advani in 2005 during his visit to Pakistan. “There is a basic difference between what the two leaders have said. What Advani said was a tactical reference to Jinnah’s speech in Pakistan’s constituent assembly to tell the people of Pakistan what situation they have come to. But to say that Jinnah was demonised in India, that Indian Muslims feel like aliens and to denigrate Sardar Patel goes against the national consensus and party’s core beliefs,” Jaitley said. Advani failed to return favour: Jaswant TNN 21 August 2009, 07:26am IST

Mr. Jaswant Singh is disappointed with Mr. L.K. Adhvani for dumping him for similar violation of the BJP code of conduct–eulogy of the Quaid e Azam. However the reason why Jawant got the axe seems to his criticism of Sardar Patel.

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