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The Cult of Liberal Extremism

By Kashif Hafeez | HamaraPakistan1947

There are two types of extremisms which are moving side by side, parallel to each other. One is well known due to the Swat issue and the behavior of Taliban, i.e.,‘Religious Extremism’. On the other hand there is Liberal Extremism”—an enormously fatal and dangerous one in its own kind.

This liberal extremism is the output of the liberal, materialistic and secular (read anti-religion) Western education system. The primary objective of this system is to produce mentally & ideologically slave generations which will not only be helpful but also become tools in spreading their own Western agendas.

This generation is definitely good in English but unaware of Muslim values and culture. It seems that insulting and abusing religious people is a fashion for them.

When Liberal Facists Are Challenged:

After reading several English newspaper articles and internet blogs, I have noticed the following stereotype aproaches with minute differences whenever these liberal extremists are challenged:

I am an expert of ‘Pakistan History’.

I have God gifted understanding of Jinnah’s views the knowledge of others about Quaid-e-Azam is doubtful.

• I have all the rights whatever I want to write but YOU are not allowed to disagree with me.

• I have the right to use whatever abusive language about YOU because you deserve it.

• I am a certified patriotic and YOU are an enemy of the country since maulvis opposed Jinnah before Partition.

I am open minded, liberal, enlightened and YOU are closed minded, backward Mullah

• I am champion of secularism and YOU are a religious fascist

I am at peak of intellectuality and YOU have even no intelligence.

• I know everything and YOU know nothing.

• I am an authority on all subjects if YOU dare challenge me then you are an idiot.

• If an Ahmadi officer dies in Swat Operation then he is a hero. For the several Muslim soldiers who got martyred, it was simply their duty.

• Irshad Manji (a lesbian), Asra Noamani (a lady having son without wedlock), Ayan Hirsi Ali (an atheist –co-producer & writer of film Fitna), Amina Wadud (who lead the mixed gender prayers drama) are their icons whereas Dr. Israr Ahmed and Jamaat-e-Islami people are criminals and can’t be tolerated at any blog.

I am reading and observing the above again and again from liberal & Ahmadi mouthpieces for the last few years and the fact is that now I am sick and tired of all these bhashans. Liberals and Ahmadies are living in their own utopia and fool’s paradise.

The Real Issues of Pakistanis:

They have no understanding of common Pakistanis’ problems. They always want to raise non-issues for their own vested interests and want to malign Pakistan’s image internationally.

What do you think what are the real issues of common Pakistanis, Blasphemy laws? Hudood Ordinance? Religious extremism?

No sir, a common Pakistani is facing the problems of day by day increasing Inflation and price hikelaw & order, less salaries, lack of education, discrimination in education system, political instability, US intervention in Pakistani politics and state affairs, etc.

The problems which are portrayed by these so called “Liberals” are their own“mental blocks”. No common Pakistani has any concern with them. In the latest IRI survey religious extremism not even amongst the top 5 problems faced by the common Pakistanis. But these drum beaters always shout like a crow.

iriThese liberals are short sighted people and just want to present and discuss what they want. They don’t give a damn about what others think and believe. They have no interest in common Pakistanis’ miseries, troubles and problems. They have their own agenda.

This “Mummy Daddy – Burger Group” tries to present themselves as intellectuals. Their hidden agenda is promoting vulgarity amongst Pakistani and Muslim youth. The evident example is www.naseeb.com where they developed the villages of Gays & Lesbians – Shame on them! This website is a mutation of so-called Liberalism and Ahmadiyat.

They have zero level tolerance against criticism. The use of abusive and indecent language is common by these liberal fascists and interestingly they believe that their opponents deserve this language, which shows their sick state of mind.

Ahmadi Propaganda

In the name of human rights they become Ahmadi mouthpieces. They even used Gojra incident in favor of Ahmadies. They portray that every practicing Muslim wants to kill Ahmadies but the fact is that every Muslim is in favor of protecting their rights under the Constitution of Pakistan and unanimously approved resolution of the national assembly in 1974, where they are protected as minority.

If someone wants to call them Muslim on the name of human rights then it’s not acceptable under the Constitution and for us, the people of Pakistan. Ahmadies are clearly non-Muslims but we believe that they should enjoy each and every right as a minority.

The mutation of Ahmadiyat and Liberalism is also evident from some blogs which could not be considered as mere ideological garbage centers. In these blogs and websites they promote all those values and norms which are against the teachings of Islam. Even some “poor couple” raised the questions like why Pig is haramWhy one should keep a beard when Gillette exists.

They want to prove themselves as champions of “Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan as an inclusive, liberal and secular state” but totally ignore the Quaid-e-Azam view of Pakistan become a test lab of Islam. See Quaid-e-Azam views about relationship of Pakistan & Islam in my following post [Quaid-e-Azam Ka Pakistan In His Own Words].

In Conclusion: Respect The Opposition

My submission to these mutants of Ahmediyat and Liberalism is that now kindly stop calling your opponents as terrorists, mullahs and fitnas. There is a need to develop an atmosphere of tolerance. We can live and tolerate each other in a civilized way. Both sides can visit each other blogs and post healthy comments and criticism.

Shayad kai utar jai, teray dil main mari baat

About Author: Kashif Hafeez writes at his english blog Kashifiat and this post was originally published at his blog on August 28, 2009.

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