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India warned on allegations against Pakistan

By: Daily.Pk

Pakistani Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Friday that India should refrain from leveling allegations against Pakistan, local TV channel reported.

The federal minister asked India not to play “blame game” on Mumbai attacks’ probe, saying that Pakistan should be given due time to carry out its own investigations in the attack in light of the dossiers given by India, the private TV GEO News reported.

He said he was ready to hold a debate with Indian officials over the issue. Nearly 170 people were killed in Mumbai, India’s commercial hub, last November, and India had accused Pakistan-based militant organization Lashkar-e-Taiba of masterminding the attacks.

The minister said India had refused to comply with Pakistan ’s request of handing over more evidence over the Mumbai attacks.

Malik also termed India’s approach to the United States for Mumbai attacks investigations and to build pressure on Pakistan to act according to its demands as “needless,” saying that the people creating misunderstandings between Pakistan and India should be unveiled.

India on Saturday slammed Pakistan, accusing it of deliberately “stifling” probe into the Mumbai attacks and made it clear that action against the perpetrators of the strikes was a condition for resumption of dialogue.

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