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Saab 2000 offered for maritime patrol, signals intelligence tasks

by: Daily.Pk

Saab has released first details on two proposed new military versions of its Saab 2000 regional airliner, and hopes to build on its previous success in selling an airborne early warning and control derivative to Pakistan.

saab1New missions foreseen for the twin-turboprop design include maritime patrol and signals intelligence duties, Saab announced during the 8-11 September DSEi exhibition in London.

The first of the proposed variants is being offered for missions including anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, plus surveillance and search and rescue, the Swedish company says.

Citing the Saab 2000’s extended range and long endurance capability, plus a dash speed of 350kt (647km/h), the company claims the type “encompasses all the key ingredients of a successful maritime patrol aircraft”.

The development could also work in conjunction with the Saab Microwave Systems Erieye radar-equipped AEW&C version of the same aircraft, offering fleet commonality across different missions, the company says.saab2

Saab also used DSEi to outline a possible signals intelligence version of the 2000, with this having been dubbed the Air Tracer. The platform would be suitable for communications and electronic intelligence tasks, and also carry electronic support measures and self-protection equipment, it says.

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