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Our Fifth Column Ambassador

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PKKH Exclusive


Husain Haqqani Adressing Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs

Recently, it has been disclosed to Pakistani public that Xe (Blackwater) has been operating in Pakistan. The latest blow in this regard came from none other than our own Ambassador to US, Mr. Husain Haqqani.

Haqqani has written letters to Pakistan Interior Ministry, Pakistan Foreign Office and to Pakistan’s ISI ordering them to allow Americans into Pakistan indiscriminately without carrying out any background checks – trying to serve his US masters by ‘warning’ the ISI and Interior Ministry that not doing so will ‘hurt Pakistan’s image’ and may lead to cancellation of US aid. This is just one of the many examples where he has acted against Pakistani interests.

It has been reported recently that Haqqani issued 360 discretionary visas to US individuals including Craig Davis of Blackwater who was recently deported from Pakistan. Haqqani also reissued visas without approval of the foreign office and the intelligence agencies.

Husain Haqqani is Pakistan’s ambassador to US, but most of the time he is presenting himself as a mouth piece of Washington DC. Rather than serve Pakistan’s interest in DC, he is serving the interest of his masters in DC. The main point is how Haqqani was able to grab the Ambassador’s chair in DC.

Looking back at Haqqani’s record, he has always been an opportunist. He began his career with Jamat-e-Islami, he was part of the Jamat since his time at Karachi University, and was an ordinary member of the Jamat and like other members of the Jamat burning their skin under the sun in aimless protests, Haqqani used to do the same. But his appetite to achieve higher grounds made him leave the Jamat and join hands with Nawaz Sharif, who has a habit of taking ordinary journalists ambassadors on visits abroad. In order to hide his Jamati past he wrote a book, Pakistan: ‘Between the Mosque and Military’, a sure-fire trait of every self hating complex infused Pakistani – first they write a book that defames Pakistan, then they go to US and join a think tank that flourishes on anti-Pakistan or anti-Islam fervor.

Mr. Husain Haqqani has been sitting in the lap of the Neo-cons disparaging Islam and vomiting against Pakistan for the best part of a decade, and has been rewarded with the Ambassadors chair in Washington DC.

From the start of his journalistic career, Haqqani was writing for pro-US establishment newspapers like Wall Street Journal, New York Times, as well as the Indian Express and Daily Star of Bangladesh.

When he came to US in 2002 he realized that the best way to gain quick success is creating a big hype about Islamophobia. He noticed that there was a huge opportunity in selling Islamphobia to the naive and scared American public.

“In the grand tradition of “Orientalism”, this new FOB (Fresh of the boat) man jumped on the neo-con bandwagon and stabbed the Civil Rights Movement in the heart. Mr. Husain Haqqani’s incorrect, false and incendiary statements caused havoc with the normal functioning of the great American Democracy. Hackles were raised. If a man named Husain said this, it must be true. If a Pakistani said this it must have veracity”, says Moin Ansari of RupeeNews.

In the US Haqqani advocated strongly against Pakistan Army and Kashmiri Mujahedeen. Where ever he went to speak he stressed upon the need for Pakistan to reign in its mujahedeen and for the army to stop pursuing the same Kashmir Policy that Pakistan’s founding father, Mohammad Ali Jinnah made.

Haqqani joined Boston University faculty as assistant professor in 2004. The question that should be asked of a reputed university like BU is why a man with an average educational background and without a PhD was allowed to join their faculty?

Considering that the next step in Mr. Haqqani’s career was going on to become Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, there is definitely a helping hand behind him.

For his loyal service to his masters Haqqani was made the co-chair of Hudson’s Centre on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World. The Washington, D.C.-based Hudson Institute has its own think-tanks with a diverse mix of neo-conservatives and Pakistani Neo-cons.  Hudson Institute’s CID was established by Hillel Fradkin, a Neocon signatory to the PNACs (Project for New American Century).

Moin Ansari gives us further insight on our ambassador:

“What irked Pakistani Americans most about Mr. Haqqani’s writings were his insinuations innuendo and portrayal of false history about Islam in America. His most egregious offense was to cast doubt on the loyalty of Muslims in America. His portrayal of terrorists’ cells and sleeper cells mirrored the writings of Dr. Emersen, Robert Spencer, David Harowitz, Michelle Milkin and others the worst Islamphobes in the planet. For example Mr. Haqqani’s article with the innocuous title “The Politicization of American Islam” is a ticking time bomb for American Muslims. It is exactly these type of writings that have encouraged Michelle Malken to write “The Case for internment”, a book that propounds the thesis that the internment of innocent American citizens who happened to be Japanese.

However he has more than a few skeletons in his closet. He has a closet full of skeletons. For the past decade his sordid connections with the Neo-cons and their think tanks created this tsunami of Islamphobic rhetoric that eventually turned into a crescendo of Anti-Pakistan balderdash.

“Previously he has collaborated with another neo-con pundit, Stephen Schwartz on the Institute for Islamic Progress and Peace, a project of the notorious Islamophobe Zionist Daniel Pipes. While on a tour Schwartz to promote the think tank, both were reported attacking mainstream American Muslim organizations. They claimed that “extremists dominate all of the major Muslim advocacy groups”.

Haqqani has worked with think tanks like Brookings Institute, Hudson Institute, and others. All these think tanks pay good money to researchers who defame Pakistan and Islam. In 2004, along with Stephen Schwartz (writer for the ultra-right FrontPage Magazine, Weekly Standard and National Review; Stephen Schwartz was part of the Islamofascism drive that took place in university campuses in the US. Haqqani co-founded the Institute for Islamic Progress and Peace (IIPP), tasked with the neo-con project of “religion building”.

Jim Lobe, “US: From nation-building to religion-building”, Asia Times, April 9, 2004.

They attacked US based Muslim advocacy groups such as the Islamic Society of North America, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Students Association. Critics of Israel were hit with the familiar “anti-Semitism” charge. During a tour promoting IIPP, they advised members of a Jewish advocacy group and the Jewish Community Federation that “the Jewish lobby has to organize, write letters, and continue to contribute to politicians to counter the Saudi lobby, which has extraordinary influence in Washington, D.C.”

The following is a press release of AIPAC that shows Haqqani was invited to speak at its seminar. AIPAC is American Israeli Political Action Committee. It is the most powerful Zionist organization in the US. Details of its venomous past are catalogued fully in the bestseller book, “The Israel lobby and the US foreign policy” by Stephen Waltz and John Mearsheimer.

Mr. Haqqani addressed the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA). The tone and content of his speech disparaged Pakistan and Pakistanis. There Haqqani talked about,

“Dealing with a Difficult Ally; Pakistan’s Tenuous Role in American Foreign Policy”. He outlines trouble spots in Pakistan-US relations.

“Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are two of the United State’s most difficult allies. Why difficult? Because there are those who would argue they are not allies at all… but are, in fact sources of trouble.”

Speaking before a standing-room only crowd at the JINSA Policy Forum on March 2, 2004, Husain Haqqani, and visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace shared insights into four alarming trends with the potential to seriously complicate American relations with Pakistan. These trends, he said, are nuclear weapons proliferation, Pakistan’s role as a center of an Islamic militant movement, the continued precariousness of South Asian regional politics, and domestic issues complicating Pakistani efforts towards international engagements. Haqqani reiterated the pressing danger of Pakistani-orchestrated nuclear arms proliferation.

“Though such dangers have been recognized by the American government as a growing security threat,” he explained, “There is going to be no consequences for Pakistan, because Pakistan is cooperating with the United States in the hunt for Bin Laden.” Husain Haqqani during JINSA’s March 2, 2004 Policy Forum

Pakistan’s Role as a Center of a Militant Islamic Movement

Haqqani suggested that Pakistan also has, and continues, to serve as the center of an Islamic militant movement. Abul Alaa Maududi, founder of Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami movement, authored Jihad for Islam, a seminal work regarded by Haqqani and others “as the boiler plate for subsequent developments in that whole theory about global Jihadist effort.”

Haqqani suggested that “Pakistan’s military for strategic reasons has allied with Islamic militancy time and time again, and it was the alliance between the mosque and the militancy which produced things like the Taliban”

This is hypocrisy at its best as it was Haqqani who was part of Jamat-e-Islami, a group that he is now speaking againt. Perhaps he should shed some light on his own connections with it in the start of his political career.

Shedding light on the arms race in South Asia, our wizard ambassador says, “The Pakistani military, like all pretorian militaries, basically does not want to relinquish power. So therefore they have to keep the South Asian competition alive.”

Concerns over “nuclear weapons, Islamic militancy, extreme poverty, and a military that doesn’t want to relinquish power” exist in Pakistan, Haqqani noted.

Haqqani is married to FarahNaz Ispahani, who is at the moment spokesperson for President Zardari. She has worked in numerous media outlets and organizations known as mouth pieces of CIA or US establishment – Voice of America, CNN, ABC, and other groups.

Ispahani was producer at CNN where she produced shows like Anderson Cooper 360, and Paula Zahn’s show. Anderson Cooper is a graduate of Yale and is rumored to be a member of famous secret society Skull and Bones, (Bush family, John Kerry are members of skull and bones). Cooper has also said that he has interned at the CIA.

Like her husband Ispahani has also worked closely with neo-cons or pro CIA elements during her career, which explains her now sitting comfortably at the President house in Islamabad. Ispahani is also the member of Pakistan’s rubber stamp parliament; she got one of the seats reserved for women of Sind.

This is just a small summary of the nefarious activities and a commentary on the shifting loyalties of Mr. Haqqani and her spouse. There is enough material available to write a book. We must recognize that such people have not only bypassed the merits of Pakistan’s Foreign Service but also inflicted damage to our national interests, and will continue to do so as long as they are in office.

This report was compiled with special thanks to Moin Ansari of Rupee News.


The Politicization of American Islam by Husain Haqqani Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2008