Don’t bomb Iran


It’s a double standard:  one standard for the presumed bad nation, and no standard at all for the presumed good nation.  It is prejudice.

We the casual onlookers here in the USA cannot directly know the truth about Iran and its alleged nuclear work.  What we do have is lots of clues that these accusatory processes are not solid.  We have history and hindsight:  after the U.S. government made similar noises about Iraq and started a war there, as the years pass by more and more people acknowledge that it was a mistake to start that war in Iraq.  Yet there is no substantial effort to change the policies and thinking that lead us into wars like that one.  There is only a continuation of the same war-making behaviors and a refusal to learn from history.

Another clue we have is that there are no IAEA examinations into Israel’s and the USA’s nuclear arsenals.  This is a strong indication that there is a double standard at work, regarding Iraq or Iran, on the one hand, as compared with Israel or the USA, on the other hand.

These kinds of clues suffice to tell us:  Don’t bomb the country; because if you’re going to bomb any country or any people, you should have a really good reason for it, and no-one has demonstrated that kind of solid reasoning to support such a violent attack.

Also:  if a proposed action doesn’t fit the Golden Rule, then you should be suspicious of it.  Would we want a more powerful country to bomb our country?  No.  Then likewise we should guess that it would be wrong for us to bomb Iran (similarly as it was wrong for us to bomb Iraq).

John Cole

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