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Pakistan Army Abuse? Seen Worse, Thanks!


BBC has released a video showing alleged Pakistani army cruelty against throat-slitters. Unfortunately, this video is being used to generate hatred among Pakistanis and stir ethnic conflict. Since the American occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan and its military have been championing the rights of the Pashtun, who are proud Pakistanis and a majority in Afghanistan. Aqureshi7 The terrorists in the video are not Pashtun. They are not even Taliban. They are throat-slitters. Feel sorry for them? Let me show you videos of them butchering innocent Pashtuns and other Pakistanis. In the latest attempt to baffle Pakistani nation, BBC has posted a story apparently showing Pakistan Army ‘abusing’ suspected Taliban associates caught in Swat. A video that had been posted on Facebook is produced as clinching evidence that the Pakistan Army is involved in human rights abuses in the region. The footage shows an officer in Pakistani army battle uniform interrogating several suspects who had been arrested for firing on troops and sheltering known terrorists. When the suspects refuse to reveal information, they are beaten with belts, fists and what appear to be small whips. After an initial round of punishment, the officer tells a suspect that this is “soft treatment” and unless the suspect tells all, the officer says he will have to administer “hard punishment.” At least one of the suspects being interrogated admits to having fired upon Pakistan Army soldiers in Pushto, while the officer can also be heard telling the soldiers to go easy with the beatings. Physical abuse of prisoners during interrogation is extremely common in not only Pakistan’s police stations but worldwide, and this video, even if it’s true, proves how mild the ‘punishment’ given out to these TTP-sympathizers was considering what these barbarians did to our captured, unarmed soldiers and innocent civilians. What has been termed as abuse is much benign if compared with the interrogation techniques employed by other armed forces of the world, not to mention Indian forces who keenly pluck nails out after severe torture just on the slightest suspicion, not charges against such criminals. Lets rewind back to earlier this year when videos of TTP terrorists slitting throats of innocent civilians and Army soldiers were doing the rounds and had kept the nation completely terrified. Grilling terror suspects back then using whips and belts did indeed appear to be quite soft, as a form of punishment, compared to knives and AK-47s, which were the terrorists’ preferred tools. There’s an important distinction to be made here. Pakistani Taliban, or the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) as they’re better known, are NOT related to the original Afghan Taliban. Mullah Omar, the Afghan Taliban leader has repeatedly distanced himself from TTP due to the latter’s insistence on attacking Pakistani Muslims, including Frontier Corps personnel, soldiers, mosques, bazaars, often slaughtering civilians without discrimination. In the not so distant past, TTP’s had also famously blackmailed Kashmiri Mujahideen groups threatening to assassinate their leaders including the Jama’at-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, unless they stopped fighting Indian forces in Kashmir and started attacking Pakistani targets instead. One wonders whose battle are these terrorists fighting? In June 2008, TTP was also responsible of massacring 28 members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba at a jirga in Mohmand agency, and holding over 90 Lashkar militants as hostages. The TTP has led a violent campaign slaughtering innocent civilians and soldiers of Pakistan army, often filming and releasing gruesome videos of its leaders slitting throats of captured ‘prisoners’ in an attempt to demoralize the nation. Here it is also important to keep in mind the backdrop of recent events. In the following video, TTP spokesperson Muslim Khan is openly announcing that those whose throats were slit deserved it: LINK This is the news report of TTP Taliban killing 5 Tableeghi Jamaat activists while issuing warning to journalists. LINK After the successful army operation against the TTP terrorists in Swat, local residents had expressed relief as normalcy returned. In some areas locals formed their own Lashkar’s to beat back TTP attempts to retake lost territory. Here’s an Al-Jazeera Report on these patriotic lashkars: LINK In another 4 part series (the first two parts may not work, watch the last 2), which shows various military incidents, interviews with captured FC soldiers, and some ghastly ‘punishments’ by the TTP, which seems to be an integral part of their videos. LINK Here is a video made by sky news TV on the terror of TTP where they are taking pride in training innocent civilians and pushing them on a trail that leads straight to death for themselves and above all massive destruction for their country and its image. Not only these, there are countless of such videos where a mockery was made out of our nation’s agony by these criminals of Islam and Pakistan.

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