Terrorists Prevented From Infiltrating GHQ

US-linked Private Security Firms’ Involvement Suspected

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An attempt to attack the General Head Quarters of the Pakistan Armed Forces has been foiled earlier today as four militants were shot dead while trying to enter the premesis. ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) spokesman Major General Athar Abbas confirmed that four attackers dressed in army uniforms started firing on guards when stopped at the gate.

RAWALPINDI – Loud gunfire and blasts were heard near the Pakistan army’s headquarters in Rawalpindi at 11:30 this morning after a team of gunmen brandishing assault rifles and grenades tried to break into the fiercely guarded compound on Saturday, sparking a raging gun battle with troops outside Islamabad.

Accoring to witnesses, four militants in a white Suzuki van attempted to enter the GHQ premesis from gate number one. When intercepted by the checkpoint guards, they started firing indiscriminately and throwing hand grenades while making their way towards gate number two, where security officials promptly acted, shooting the terrorists dead after a short but intense pitched battle. It is not clear how many security officials were martyred in the exchange.

The entire area has been cordoned off and roads leading to the GHQ have been closed for traffic, and army helicopters have begun hovering over the GHQ.

The van is said to contain explosives while sophisticated weapons and communication equipment have been found both inside the van as well as on the dead militants, which points towards possible involvement of US private security agencies operating in Islamabad. These private security firms are employed by the US Embassy in Islamabad, and have been provided with banned sophisticated weapons after special approvals were obtained from Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Security forces recently raided the offices of one such agency (Inter Risk) and recovered a large cache of sophisticated heavy weapons, while arresting its owner Ali Jaffar Zaidi.

Investigation conducted by police revealed that Inter Risk had made an agreement with an American security company, DynCorp, to provide security to US installations and diplomats and security personnel along with protecting their interests in Pakistan.

The firm was also asked to recruit security guards, especially those who can qualify for joining Special Services Group, and arranged a place for their training.

Sources said that during interrogation the accused disclosed names of some bigwigs, including officials of the Interior Ministry, allegedly involved in provision of licences of prohibited bore weapons to the security firm.

But the investigators are reluctant to take the ‘big shots’ into custody, the sources said, adding that a request had been made to the government by senior police officers.

With this morning’s attack on the General Head Quarters of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, one hopes serious action will be taken to shut down these US private security firms and their training centers, as well as in investigating the involvement of the US Embassy as well as interior ministry officials in anti-state activities.

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