Hillary praises Pakistan’s anti-terror commitment

By: Daily.Pk

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday praised Pakistan’s commitment to eliminating terrorism from its soil.

“From what I read in the paper, they’re very much focused on also going into the heartland of where the Pakistani Taliban and Al Qaeda are located and where these plots and these attacks are planned and directed,” she told CNN in an interview.

Asked if the Pakistani government would be able to assert its control over the country in the face of a wave of deadly terrorist attacks, the US secretary of state said, “So I think they understand that there is a direct threat to them, which they are addressing, which I think is all… good.”

Citing Pakistan’s successful anti-Taliban campaign in the Swat valley and Malakand division, she lauded the impressive resolve of the security forces of the country.

“Well, I’m very impressed with the commitment that the Pakistani government – both the civilian leadership and the military – have made…. There is now (a firm anti-terror commitment). And I think the military in Pakistan has proven its effectiveness in going into Swat,” she said.

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