Iran nuclear deal and the paranoid Zionists

By: Daily.Pk

The former Mista’aravim and currently Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, who lead an Israeli assassination squad, disguised as an Arab woman, in Lebanon in the 1970s – said at the recent Presidential Conference on “Facing Tomorrow” held in Jerusalem – that he is not satisfied with the proposed nuclear deal between Western powers + IAEA and Islamic Iran, which is expected to be agreed upon by the four parties on Friday, saying: “Iranian uranium enrichment must be stopped altogether”.

David Albright, the founder-president of the ‘Institute for Science and International Security’, a Zionist think tank – who was interviewed by Council on Foreign Relations in which he told Bernard Gwertzman, the editor of “This deal buys some time but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of what to do about Iran’s growing nuclear weapons capabilities and that all has to happen within a couple of months.” Interestingly, the idiot seems to be more paranoid than Mossad’s Gen. Dagan, who has told Knesset that Tehran is not in a position to produce a nuclear bomb before 2014 – while US State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research reported in August 2009 (The Washington Post, August 7, 2009) that Tehran will not be able to produce weapon-grade material before 2013.

The TIME magazine on October 19, called the possble deal at Vienna between Iranian, American, French, Russian and IAEA nuclear experts – as the “test” for Barack Obama’s presidency (in the eyes of Israel Lobby) to contain Iranian nuclear research. In other words: ensuring that Israel remains the sole nuclear bully in the Middle East.

The so-called “Iran nuclear deal”, proposed by IAEA chief Mohamed El-Baradei, is basically the repetition of the IAEA’s old draft – with some slight modifications concerning Tehran-Paris direct contacts on the second-stage of turning the Iranian enriched uranium stocks (after Russians change it into 20 percent strength) – into nuclear fuel rods which would be returned to Iran. Tehran insists not to deal with Sarkozy’s ZOG in Paris. This is not required by the western ZOGs from more than 40 countries which, like Iran, are signatory to NPT and are using nuclear reactors for energy and medicine – nor from Israel, India, N. Korea and Pakistan – which acquired their nuclear arsenals through illegal ways.

The IAEA has sent the draft of the deal to Washington, Paris, Moscow and Tehran for their governmental approvals by Friday. Iranian negotiators have already given their stamp of approval to the revised draft, but needs Tehran’s approval, which was not available because of Friday being the weekly holiday while the US, Russia, and France have agreed to the draft. On Thursday, Iranian government officials said that they waiting for their counter proposal by which Tehran offered to buy nuclear fuel from a friendly foreign country to run its Tehran nuclear reactor which produce nuclear isotopes for cancer treatment.

Once and if signed – Tehran would be obliged to transfer 75% (1200 kilograms) of its low enriched uranium (LEU) stocks to Russia. There it will be enriched to the 20% level – and then Russia will send it to France, which will make sure that it’s “kosher” and Israel has nothing to worry about. The entire process, under normal political conditions, is expected to take 18 months. This will leave Tehran with 300 kilograms of LEU, which can only be turned into 6 kilograms of bomb-grade uranium – not enough to produce even a single nuclear bomb, which needs 25-30 kilograms of high enriched uranium. In other words, Tehran’s so-called “nuclear ambitions” would be delayed for another 3-5 years – in case Ahmadinejad really wants to nuke the Zionist-regime.

Gilad Atzmon in his latest post, titled Backstroking the Jewish Tomorrow, has exposed the paranoid nature of the Zionazi mafia.

In his message to Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, Obama said: “The American people and Israeli people share a faith in the future, a belief that democracies can shape their own destiny and the opportunities should be availavle to all.”

The only question to be asked here, is whether President Obama meant “opportunities for all”, or did he mean the opportunities for the Jews only? As far as Nuclear enegy is concerned, already in June President Obama reiterated that Iran has some “rghts to nuclear energy provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful”. I would urge Obama to accept that opportunities for nuclear weapons should also be “available to all”. Not just the Israelis but every country in the region. In order to be consistent, Obama has to choose between either clearing Israel of its piles of WMD or otherwise encourage every other country in the region to pile up nuclear bombs just to restrain Israel’s proven murderous inclinations by power of deterrence.

However, far more crucial at this stage is to urge Obama to make it clear to the Israelis that by saying “opportunities should be available to all” he rfers also to Palestinian children who are starved and slaughtered by the Israeli armed forces on a daily basis.


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