Arrest of five Americans

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: Even in these testing times, when the prime intelligence agencies are unnerved in the face of their failure to trace the deadly terrorists before they strike at will, an unsung hero, who happens to be a common inspector of Sargodha police, is said to have made his department proud by quietly tracking and arresting the five dangerous American nationals, who were on the most-wanted list of the FBI.

Top-level sources said the dramatic capture of five wanted American nationals — one of Pakistani, two Ethiopian, one of Eritrean and one of Egyptian origin — has been received in Washington with such a sense of disbelief that an FBI team, equipped with more information about them, is now rushing to investigate.

Sources said a joint team of FBI, ISI, MI, IB and local police was said to be investigating these five American nationals whose computer record revealed mind-boggling record of their activities and future plans to bomb the innocent Pakistanis.

The Sargodha District Police Officer, Dr Usman, was said to have already been informed by Intelligence Bureau, Islamabad, to remain alert to receive the FBI team, which was on its way to Islamabad to probe these terrorists.

The sources said these five terrorists might be shifted to the FBI headquarter in Washington, as they were being tracked by the intelligence agency for some time after they fled from the USA.

The sources said that the Sargodha police were on a high alert since long as they were getting regular warnings from some official circles that terrorists might try to carry out terrorism in the city. One police inspector was said to be alert in his area, spreading his own network of intelligence.

One of his informers is said to have quietly approached the inspector with the news that he had seen certain foreigners living in a house in a locality. The inspector took the news very seriously.

The inspector quietly went to DPO Sargodha Dr Usman and brought the information to his notice and sought permission to conduct a raid on the house. Dr Usman granted the permission and the cop acted in a professional manner. He sealed the house before the raid and no one was allowed to break the ring and escape.

Soon after their arrest, the police started investigations of their own, the language barrier notwithstanding. It took two long hours to get the shocking inside details and plans and identities of these five arrested terrorists.

But, sources said, the real breakthrough came when the computers in the use of these terrorists were taken into custody and their data checked. Not only the maps of different cities were recovered from the house but very important conversation recorded on the computer was also traced.

It was revealed that they were trying to get in touch with the terrorists to launch coordinated attacks on different cities. The sources said soon the police inspector came to know the real identity of these five deadly terrorists and that their names were on the top of the FBI’s most wanted criminals list. As the news within the police department spread, the local intelligence agencies rushed to investigate the terrorists.

All said and done, the credit of this breakthrough goes to none other but one police inspector who took the huge risk of his life by deciding to conduct a raid on the house with his local force, where these five terrorists were planning massive killings.

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