CJCSC terms Pak-China partnership ‘bedrock’ of region’s stability


An 8-member Chinese delegation headed by General Ma Xiaotian, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), held day-long discussions at the Joint Staff Headquarters, Chaklala with Pakistani team led by General Tariq Majid, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC).

The visiting Chinese delegation arrived in Pakistan for 7th Round of Pak-China Defence and Security Talks.

The bilateral dialogue was aimed at sharing perspectives on the fast evolving regional security situation for developing common insight into the emerging scenarios and coordinating common responses.

The discussion focused at the impact of changing global security dynamics, progress in the efforts against terrorism and violent extremism, revised US strategy for Afghanistan, intra-regional disputes and posturing of involved states, and the tenuous spectre of strategic stability in the region.

The discussion also focused on ETIM terrorism related threat and measures for security of the Chinese manpower working in Pakistan.

The two sides also undertook a comprehensive review of bilateral military cooperation and the progress of various ongoing defence projects, making specific proposals for mutually beneficial future collaboration in operational, training, intelligence, logistics and defence industrial fields including indigenization projects and joint ventures.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman JCSC, General Tariq Majid extended felicitation on 60th Anniversary of China and lauded a spectacular economic progress and technological modernization to rise as a reckonable power in the global politics and global economy, playing a crucial stabilization role in many regions of the world.

He termed time tested multi dimensional Pakistan-China strategic partnership as the bedrock of stability in the region and said, ” as the world grows more complex and regional situation more challenging, it has become even more critical to add greater depth and dynamism to this relationship”.

Reiterating China’s solidarity and continuing support for Pakistan in meeting the challenges General Ma Xiaotian, Deputy Chief of General Staff, PLA appreciated Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism and violent extremism and stated, “we acknowledge the great sacrifices rendered by Pakistan, its people and the Armed Forces in combating terrorism, for which Pakistan deserves the praise and gratitude of the entire world, indeed the mankind”.

Later in the evening, a banquet was hosted by General Tariq Majid in the honour of General Ma Xiaotian and his delegation, which was also attended by senior Pakistani military officers from the three services and officials from the Ministries of Defence and Defence Production.

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