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From Cold Start Strategy to Halt, Turn Around and Run Like a Puppy Strategy

by Khawaja Asad Saeed | PKKH

Remember June 5th, 1967? Rapid and sudden air strikes by Israel that almost completely wiped out air forces of 3 Muslim nations? Our coward neighbour to the right has been begging Israel to teach them some such strategies. Currently, we face the possibility of a rapid deployment of Special Indian Forces in case of a ‘terrorist’ attack on Indian soil. They tried around Eid last year but ran away like a puppy when their war planes came face to face with Pakistan Air Force. Right now, the plan is being deployed again. The double edged sword of Aman Ki Asha and Confidence Building Measures has a hidden name; Cold Start Strategy! After successfully deploying their assets on the ground to create anarchy in the country, it is the perfect time to use high altitude precision GPS guided missiles to strike command and control centres inside Pakistan. It may pave the way for a sudden ground assault and the dream of “reaching Islamabad and Rawalpindi within 48 hours” suddenly becomes a possibility.

What is the response to this? Their assets on the ground have been hit hard by the brave Pakistan Army in SWAT and South Waziristan. SW was dubbed the mother of all battles. SWAT was called death- valley. But apparently, the operations conducted by Pak Army and Air Force turned out to be legendary operations that shattered the Cold Start Strategy doctrine in just few months, and turned it into a ‘Halt,- Turn -Around -& -Run- Like- A –Puppy’ Strategy. Then appeared Aman Ki Asha! Now is the time to slap the face of this pathetically ineffective political government.

To throw cold water on this dream of our neighbour and turn it into a nightmare, we need a quick change in the political leadership. The Supreme Court is doing an amazing job on the NRO. The place where we need to focus now is the Finance Ministry. It is our biggest weakness right now. We need to build extreme and rapid pressure on it to reveal the secret conditions agreed with the IMF. Our finances are run by IMF right now. Every month, there is some price hike that helps the Cold Start Strategy regain some lost momentum. I appeal to all young Pakistani Patriots to take a stand and support our Pakistani Nationalists inside the Finance Ministry to take a stand against this economic colonialism. We urgently need to create disaster management strategies. Pakistan Army has its disaster management planned out. But we, as a nation, are not ready for it. We need to tell our Patriots in the Finance Ministry that you have our full support! Unveil the secret conditions so we can take matters into our own hands. Only then can we start building our disaster management strategy as a nation. This has serious potential to pave the way for the collapse of this pathetically ineffective political set up.

Finally, I appeal to all cyber warriors of Pakistan to raise this issue. What you guys have done in the past few years is nothing short of extraordinary! All the work that is being done by you has a MONSTER EFFECT! Now is the time to take matters in our own hands. LETS LIVE WITH DIGNITY AND DIE WITH HONOUR!

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