Pakistani PM speaks highly of bilateral relations ahead of China’s lunar new year


Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Saturday wished China and the Chinese people a lucky traditional new year, hoping the bilateral relations between Pakistan and China will be further strengthened.

In an interview, the prime minister said the friendship between the two countries is time-tested and long- standing, and the cooperations are multi-dimensional.

“Our friendship is now entering into many years and I wish this new year will add more strength to our relation,” Gilani said.

The prime minister said Pakistan and China have been cooperating in economy, defense, agriculture, culture, education and many other fields, including infrastructure and energy sector as well.

He said Pakistan wants to have more exchange of culture, youth, parliamentary delegation, and more people-to-people contact between the two countries.

“The governments may come and go, but the love and affection between the two countries will remain forever,” said the prime minister.

Referring to China’s role in international summits, Gilani said China plays an extremely important role in the world economy. He said Pakistan supports China on all international forums, on climate change, on inter-parliamentary unions and on Asia-Europe cooperation.

In the global economic recession, Gilani said he appreciates what China has done to stabilize the economy and to help other troubled economies. He said Pakistan is grateful for China’s timely assistance.

“China is performing really well and we wish them good luck in the coming new year,” said Gilani, adding that he has been impressed by the tremendous development in China and the Chinese students who can speak fluent Urdu, the national language of Pakistan.

Talking about the forthcoming Shanghai World Expo, the prime minister said it is a great opportunity for China to showcase its development, culture, tradition, history and local products and a good chance for Pakistan and China to better mutual understanding.

As to the recent London summit on Afghanistan, Gilani said Pakistan wants to maintain good relations with the neighboring country and it will focus on the fight against extremism and terrorism to help bring in the stability of Afghanistan.

Expressing his passion for architecture and gardening, the prime minister said he would have become an interior designer or an architect if he is not a politician.

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