Terror Central exposed: Proof of Indian Subversion of Pakistan


Secret Document Bares Indian Subversion in Pakistan

NEW DELHI, Feb 13 (APP): Even as India and Pakistan were actively engaged in laying a framework for normalizing their relations in the aftermath of Operation Parkaram (Dec 2001- Oct 2002), R&AW’s Counter Intelligence Team X (CIT-X), assigned to conduct subversive operations targeting Pakistan was working relentlessly to destabilize the country.

According to well placed sources, the details of these plans came to light once a copy of the classified document detailing these activities was accidently lost and became available for public scrutiny.

The strategy to advance the interaction with Pakistan on the diplomatic channels, while perpetrating acts of terrorism on a parallel track was envisaged after the failure of Indian spell of coercive diplomacy vis-a-vis Pakistan during the Premiership of Atal Bihari Vajpaee.

The document lays out the extensive espionage network dovetailed into the diplomatic missions in Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan and Middle East which the Indian under-cover intelligence operatives utilize to rake trouble not only in FATA but in Pakistani hinterland as well.

As per details given in the purloined paper, agents for anti-Pakistan subversion were trained in 57 training camps established in the IHK, East Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Assam.

Activists of anti Pakistan nationalist groups were the focus of Indian search for recruits who received cash, weapons and ammunitions from undercover RAW operatives masquerading as Al Qaeda agents. While sections of the Taliban have been named as perpetrators of some of the most heinous and bloody acts of subversion in Pakistan, it were their Indian handlers who manipulated the invisible strings. Mossad’s tactics of infiltrating Palestinian resistance acted as model and provided the modus operandi for CIT – X to stir insurgency on Pakistan’s Western border than, hitherto fore, had remained free from a military threat.

Apart from concentrating on the FATA Region, stoking the fires of sub-national movements in Pakistan can be identified as one of the vulnerable area where Indian Agencies are focused, reveals the document.

Targeting interior regions of Sind province, Seraiki belt and the Northern Areas of Pakistan forms pivots of the Indian plan, receiving riveting and ceaseless attention of CIT-X, reveals the classified document.

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