UNSC seat: Why is Zardari regime supporting India

RupeeNews | Moin Ansari

Bharat (aka India) has always opposed Pakistan getting the United Nation’s Security Council seat. In fact, the Asian giants have contested the seat on many occasions, and many a times Pakistan supported by the Muslim bloc, OIC and other friendly nations won against India.

This year, in a strange twist of fate, the Zardari government has chosen to support India in her quest for the United Nation’s Security Council Non-permanent seat. Bharat has never supported Pakistan.

Why is the compliant and obsequious Zardari Administration supporting Bharat (aka India)?

NEW DELHI: In a coincidence that may augur well for India-Pakistan talks scheduled for later this week, Pakistan joined 52 other Asian states to endorse India’s candidature for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

The Asian group’s endorsement of India is virtually the final stamp for India’s election to the seat in October this year. Pakistan’s support came along with a nod from all the Saarc countries, but while it was not unexpected, sources said, more than half the countries actually spoke out in India’s favour as opposed to merely signing on.

India needs 128 votes to get the seat in October. In January, Kazakhstan, the only other candidate, withdrew from the list after it became clear that India had already had about 122 votes in its kitty. Although it’s theoretically possible that another Asian candidate could pop up between now and October, diplomats consider that unlikely, particularly after Friday’s vocal endorsement of India’s candidature. This will mean that India’s lobbying efforts cannot slacken until the election to prevent attrition of support or the emergence of another rival. If India wins, it will avenge its humiliating defeat in 1996, when Japan wrested the seat from India, which got just around 40 votes.

On longer term project of getting itself a permanent seat in Security Council, India expects a text to be circulated in a couple of weeks on structure of the UNSC reform and new members. Times of India. Pakistan backs India for a non-permanent UNSC seat. PTI, Feb 23, 2010, 01.43am IST

This has to be another low of the PPPP government. While Bharat does not waste an opportunity to berate Pakistan, attempts to destroy Islamabad’s relations with other countries, and sabotage Pakistan by sending mercenary terrorists to Pakistan–Mr. Zardari’s government chooses to support Delhi for the UNSC. This flies in the face of Pakistan’s principled and determined stance to oppose a permanent seat for Delhi on the UNSC.


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