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‘Talks For The Sake Of Talks’ Useless: Delhi Loses Another Opportunity For Peace

By Moin Ansari

The Delhi politicians wanted the talks, but only as a PR exercise–not as a vehicle to make peace with a neighbor. The Zardari Administration was too eager for talks–and should have held out. Mentioning Kashmir during the talks achieves nothing. Unless and until Delhi decides that the cost of war in South Asia is an impediment to tis regional role–Bharat will continue to play Russian Roulette with the lives of more than 1.5 billion people of South Asia.

There is no point to talking to Delhi–Pakistan has tried talking to the bigots in Bharat for 60 years. It serves no purpose at ll.

The speech from Delhi the world is waiting for

Open Letter to Indian PM: Can he bring peace to Asia?

Bharat has been unable to resolve border disputes with any of her neighbors. It has lost friendships with Nepal, Bhutan, Lanka, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

LAHORE: Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said on Friday that unstructured ‘talks for the sake of talks’ would not produce any long-lasting results and, therefore, it was crucial that India agreed to resumption of composite dialogue to move forward.

He was talking to reporters at the Wagah border crossing on his return from New Delhi. He described his talks in Delhi as exploratory.

“There were two objectives of our meetings with Indian officials. One, we wanted to determine if there is any significant change in the Indian attitude and position or not. Two, we wanted to determine how can the two countries move forward and improve bilateral relations.”

He said the two countries agreed that regression in ties must be reversed with positive steps. Pakistan on its part, he added, had been consistently underscoring the importance of talks as the only way forward.

“But unstructured talks for the sake of talks, though important, will not produce any long-term results. It is crucial that India agrees to restore Composite Dialogue to move forward,” he emphasised.

About the atmosphere of mistrust prevailing in India Bashir said Indian officials and media held Islamabad responsible for their problems. “They want to move gradually for restoring trust and confidence between the two countries.

On the contrary, we are of the view that restoration of Composite Dialogue will immediately help reinstate the environment of trust and confidence. Indian insistence on restricting talks to terrorism alone will not solve the matters,” he said.

He observed that Indian perception about Pakistan was not based on facts. “It is in their own interest to revisit their facts. Indian politicians and media should help dispel negative perception about Pakistan. The ball is now in their court.”

Bashir said that Pakistan had suggested higher-level meetings while continuing with secretary-level talks.

However, he added, they had not decided any date for future talks. About the Kashmir issue, Bashir said: “Pakistan has made it clear to India that Kashmir is an international issue since the passage of the UN Security Council resolutions on it (in 1948) and international intervention is required for its settlement.

Bashir sought to dispel impression prevailing in India that Islamabad was desperate for resumption of talks. “Until now we have talked of dialogue and engagement. But now I have told them (the Indians) that we are not in a hurry.

If they are ready for dialogue we will also be willing for it because it is the only way forward,” he said. During his stay in New Delhi, Bashir also met Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna. The Dawn

Bharat seems to think that peace talks is some sort of reward for good behaviour. It then finds some little thing somewhere to delay and stall talks. Islamabad Delhi Peace talks on basis of equality.

Assured failure: Why talk with India?

  • Assured failure: Why talk with India?
  • Pakistan seeks peace with India as an equal partner, not as a reward for good behaviour
  • India Pakistan meet fails as expected. Why talk?
  • Islamabad Delhi Peace talks on basis of equality.
  • Pakistan should stop showing enthusiaism for resumption of meaningless dialogue with Delhi
  • ISLAMABAD: Pakistan “forced” India at the foreign secretary-level talks in New Delhi to reconsider its position on the merits of the composite dialogue and implicitly accept centrality of the Kashmir dispute to Indo-Pak ties.

    A senior diplomat – who was part of the official delegation that visited New Delhi for the talks on February 25 – said Pakistan had also handed over a “dossier” on the distribution of water and made it clear to India that it would not accept “Indian water hegemony”.

    “We did a lot of tough talking during the meeting, and convincingly put forward our position on all issues of importance … [we] made it clear that we will not accept dictates on the terms of bilateral engagements,” said the diplomat.

    He said Pakistan also tabled a “roadmap” for the resumption of the peace process, persuading India to realise and publicly admit that the peace process had a lot of good things to offer.

    The diplomat said India was trying to wriggle out of the five-year composite dialogue by altering the mechanics of the terms of the peace process, but “Pakistan made it clear that it was unacceptable”.

    About the three dossiers handed over by India, the diplomat said the foreign secretary had already branded the documents “literature” which had nothing to do with evidence on the Mumbai attacks or terrorism. He said the foreign secretary also told his Indian counterpart that Islamabad would not be a party to “meaningless” dialogue or any other process “limited to photo sessions”. He said India had been told that all future engagements should be purposeful.

    Replying to a question, he accepted that the Indian delegation was “obsessed with terrorism” and tried to make the February 25 session “a one-point agenda meeting”.

    “We were well prepared, as we knew India would try to make it look like a meeting focused on terrorism, so we made well-timed interventions to make the interaction all encompassing,” he said.

    The diplomat rejected the impression that Pakistan had been trapped by India to highlight New Delhi’s concerns over terrorism, and said, “They will soon find themselves caught in their own trap … their media is already highlighting it.”

    He said India lacked seriousness and failed to reciprocate Pakistan’s honesty in discussing all issues and finding mutually acceptable solutions. Tough-talking Pakistan ‘rattled’ India

    * Pakistan ‘forced’ India at secretary-level talks to reconsider position on composite dialogue, accept centrality of Kashmir to Indo-Pak ties, By Sajjad Malik

    Rupee News

    1. Moin Ansari
      December 11, 2010 at 1:10 am

      MY TRUTH:–Mushrraf persuaded me to operate an anti-India propaganda website then and he told me that ISI will pay the expenses once every 6 months. Because of him I started Rupeenews and many other websites under various names of cities. First year ISI paid me money for my work of writing fake anti-India articles but now it stopped paying suddenly. When I contacted Mushrraf, he told me to contact ISI Afghan branch. In email ISI say they will not pay me anymore because change in leadership. Now am broke and have no money to run website that requires $10000 per month and a full time editor. It is time consuming to write articles and at the same time to write comments on article to attract readers while we hardly have visitors and no revenue from ads. Both Mushrraf and ISI ditched me and now am in debt hence almost in street. Now I realized am not doing productive and respectable work through this anti-India website. Enough is enough on this wrong propaganda. Truth can’t be faked in 21st century. Is any Pakistani out here to help me? If nobody helps me within couple of months, I have no choice but to come out of Rupee news and other websites forever!
      Alberuni documents in his book, in Pakistan most Hindus who were become Muslims due to forced conversions while under the control of Afghan Muslim rulers. Over one thousand years of Muslim rule in the Punjab, Sindh, Swat and POK, people were exposed to Islamic teachings through the Sufis who retained their basic Hindu practice. But even today Sufism not respected as Islam by Saudi scholars and hence almost every day Taliban attacking Sufi shrines, Ahmadiyya and Shia. Most Pakistani muslims have undeniable Hindu blood and ancestry in them, they are neither acceptable to Afghans nor to Persians hence they face identity crisis even today.
      Anyway, following are the ongoing separatist movements:
      1)POK Kashmiris struggling to escape from ISI strangle. Gilgit-Baltistans appears to be almost in Chinese control.
      2)Pashtuns in FATA never ever accept the rule of Sindhis or Punjabis who are controlling Army and ISI. They want to join their brothers across the border to have Pushtunistan.
      3)Balochistan will never forget the brutal burial of Nawaz Bugti at the hands of Pakistan army and ISI. Balochi always identify themselves as Balochi (but not as Pakistani).
      There is no end in sight for the everyday ruthless killings between Shias, Sufis, Ahmadiyya and Sunni(Taliban).
      What remains is the Sindh and Punjab to be called as Pakistan where partition time migrated Bihari and Bangla muslims still being kicked around as Muhajirs.
      The final Pakistan mathematics is:
      Pakistan=(Sindh+Punjab) minus (FATA+Baloch+POK)
      Nevertheless, how long ISI hegemony can hold all of opposing province (same as Sovit Union) and how long US pour billions of their taxpayer money on an unfaithful companion is anybodys guess. Another 9/11 type attack on US originating from Pakistan could also erase Pakistan. Nevertheless, India got be prepared to handle millions of Pakistanis crossing to India in the event of collapse of cancerous Pakistan entity.

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