Indians jittery over US arms sales to Pakistan


The Bharatis (aka Indians) are jittery over arms sales to Pakistan.

Voicing concern over America’s reported decision to supply sophisticated weapons to Pakistan, Defence Minister A K Antony said on Thursday that the US should ensure that the ‘latest tranche of military aid’ is used in fighting al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists and not against India.

“Given our bitter past experience of how Islamabad used such aid against India, Washington should ensure that the latest tranche of military aid is used only for the purpose of countering al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists and not against India,” he said in a statement here.

According to reports, the United States has cleared the sale of a whole array of sophisticated weapons such as Laser Guided Bomb kits, surveillance drones and latest-model F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan to boost its forces capability to strike in remote tribal areas to take on Taliban and al- Qaeda militants. Ensure aid to Pak is used to fight terror, not us: India to US

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will be paying the United States atleast $78 million to acquire a Oliver Perry class frigate.

The first 30 year old frigate is expected to sail for Karachi by the end of this year as Pakistan continues to negotiate for acquiring five more Oliver Perry class frigates from the US.

Sources in Pakistan Navy told DawnNews that the 30 year old frigate, USS McInerney, was put on the US Navy’s inactivation list September last year. It will fly the Pakistani flag after retirement in September this year.

Pakistani sources said that frigate is a gift from US and will fly Pakistani flag as cost-efficient “hot-transfer” but US Defence Security Department in a notification to Congress said the frigate and its associated equipment, parts and logistical support will be worth atleast $78 millions.

This transfer would be done through the US International Programs Office and its foreign military sales department.

Once transferred to Pakistan, the ship will also join Combined Task Force aimed at fighting sea pirates in the troubled waters of the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

USS McInerney’s onboard refurbishment includes anti-submarine missile defences, surface-to-surface missiles, other advance weaponry systems and with helicopter deck landing facilities.—DawnNews

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