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War Reparations: Pakistan asks for $45 billion from EU


Pakistan has asked for war reparations from the European Union (EU). This amount is over due to Pakistan.

In a lopsided policy the US wasted $143 Billion in aid to Afghanistan and gave Pakistan $5 Billion. Egyptian loans of around $38 Billion were forgiven. Pakistani losses due to GWOT calculated by the US DOD were $20 Billion per year in 2001. These losses have quadrupled. Aid to Pakistan is less than aid to Afghanistan. This has to be balanced with need. The US uses Pakistani infrastructure to transport supplies without building or even maintaining the roads

Now Pakistan has asked for $45 billion.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will ask for compensation for losses it suffered for being the frontline state in the war on terror in terms of greater market access at the European Union Summit scheduled in April.

Commerce ministry officials said that Pakistan would place three proposals for enhanced trade through facilitation and market access in the EU, sources told Dawn on Saturday.

Pakistan’s delegation will be led by Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the summit and officials of commerce ministry will accompany him.

According to presentations prepared by the commerce ministry, Pakistan being the frontline state in the war on terror has suffered over $45 billion worth of economic losses during the past few years.

According to the first option, Islamabad will ask the European Union members to sign a free trade agreement with Pakistan.

The second option calls upon the EU to accord Pakistan Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) ‘Plus’ status for enhanced trade market access.

The third option says that EU leaders should consider immediate concession regime for Pakistan to compensate its trade losses by allowing import duty concessions in products of Pakistan’s exports interest.

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  1. asif
    September 4, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    US total budget for GWOT in yr 2010-11 will exceeded 1 Trillion US $. The peanuts aid given to pakistan as a result to pursue US strategic objectives is far less. Moreover there has been no compensation demanded by Pakistan as far the psychological aspects of the GWOT on pakistani nation is concerned. By all means Pakistan should take a firm stance on provision of equivalent aid wrt the sacrifices both in terms of men and economy. At the same time the responsibility to ensure correct use lies upon the Govt officials to ensure transparency and judicious employment of said money.

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