Mumbai: Bury the bodies, hide the evidence, get confession through torture, blame Pakistan

Mumbai: Bury the bodies, hide the evidence, get confession through torture, blame Pakistan

The BBC now reports that the Mumbai gunman has informed the court that 4 of the gunmen were local Indian, and he had come to India on a visit visa on a train called Samjhota express. This blow the Indian story, and the media hype about orange boats, fake id cards, and gunmen who behaved like supermen in Mumbai. The Indian case is falling apart after the truth came out. Mumbai: Intoxicated India, deaf and blind to internal terror, unable to introspect, resolve its huge race, caste, religious problems

The Indian authorities were in a hurry to bury the bodies of the gunmen. Now we know why. Mumbai False Flag? Some inexplicable questions for India.

The blue water navy that was so proactive of the coast of Aden is unable to protect the ports and border of the tri color. While the INS Tabar was wasting its propeller power around the Gulf of Aden, hell was breaking loose in the capital of commerce and currency in Mumbai. While Commodore Suresh Mehta and the INS Tabor was showing its phallic prowess off the Gulf of Aden sinking the “pirate” “mothership”, the crown jewels of Mumbai–the Oberoi and the Taj were up on flames. If the Indian version of events is to believed, the Blue Water Navy of India has been a total failure. It has the ability to sink motherships (which turned out to be Thai trawlers) but cannot track 2 dinghies approaching the statues of Shivaji along the shore line of Marine Drive. The Mumbai attack was a colossal failure of Indian intelligence because it was totally unaware of MI6, Mossad, and even South African commandos in the city of Mumbai Devi. All these commandos held at bay by 10 teenage terrorists.

Something doesn’t make sense.

  • Mumbai False flag: Indian hawk & Gujarat Chief Minister Modi exonerates Pakistan’s position. Delhi’s fails to prove Pakistan is complicit
  • When will India handover terrorists Advani, Thackery, Purohit & 38 other murderers
  • The man alleged to be the sole surviving gunman in the 2008 Mumbai (Bombay) attacks, Mohammad Qasab, has said four of the gunmen were Indians.

    Mr Qasab told a court that three of the four gunmen who stormed the Taj Mahal hotel were from Indian-administered Kashmir, Gujarat and Mumbai.

    He did not reveal details about the identity of the fourth hotel attacker but claimed that he too was Indian.

    The attacks led India to suspend peace talks with Pakistan.

    India maintains that all the gunmen involved in the Mumbai attacks were from Pakistan.

    Pakistan denied any responsibility in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, but later admitted they had been partly planned from its soil.

    In December 2009, Mr Qasab retracted a confession made earlier in the year that he took part in the attacks.

    Mr Qasab, who is Pakistani, said he had been forced by police to confess after being repeatedly beaten up.

    The bodies of the nine gunmen killed during the attacks remain unclaimed. BBC.

  • Who did it? “This is not India’s 9/11″-Christine Fair: Communalism, penury, racism, caste disparty are destroying the Indian Union
  • Mumbai terrorrism: Long term economic impact on India
  • The Indian National Congress is between a rock and a hard place. On one side it faces a Nuclear Pakistan, on the other if faces gorwing insurgencies at home which it cannot discuss. Sonia Gandhi wants the USA involved, but at the same time it cannot give all the information to the world community. In the absence of many options, the INC decided to focus on Pakistan. The world community was wondering about the pathetic “dossier” given to Pakistan which included shaving cream, toothpaste and matchboxes and a Pakistani phone. If this is evidence then Sherlock Holmes must be turning in his imaginary grave.

    So Delhi confirms that terrorists on a suicide mission were very worried about their dental hygiene and looks. Boys growing up in Faridkot also supposedly knew how to read and write the Devanagri script a sript unknown in Pakistan. Amazingly the boys growing up in the heart of Punjab know Marhati and Sanskirt words. The boys could not find Americans in Islamabad or Lahore so they went across oceans to Mumbai? The Bharati story is full of as many holes as Swiss Cheese.

    A stolen phone from Karachi with strange numbers does not quite make it into a smoking gun. Amazingly the boys know how to outwit the Indian Blue Water Navy and the Indian Coast Guard by arriving in Mumbai in bright orange dingy boats. The most amazing part of these superboys is the fact that they were able to get from the shoreline to the hotel with RPGs, Machine Guns, grenades without being accosted by any agency or citizen.

    Its gets better.

    The boys avoided the main entrance to the Oberoi and avoided the metal detectors there by taking the pantry and kitchen entrance. They thus knew the Oberoi and the Taj well enough to run circles around the much vaulted MARCOS commandos (which they had cleverly fooled on the way to Mumbai). They also know how to attack the Jewish Chabad House a location which is not known to most Mumbai residents. The story leaks like a sieve and is laughable.

    Another thing.

    The boys on a suicide mission ostensibly trained by the military took their ID cards and passposrts with them–lest their travel plans require two forms of government ID.

    What Nonsense!

    Young xenophobic India votes for those that are autochthonous hegemonists . Its leadership impervious of the needs of the penurious is focused on expansionism and destabilizing its neighbors. It behaves like crack-addicts overwhelmed by blind hatred for Buddhists (the real ones who are not Hindu), Dalits, Christians and Muslims–this leadership doesn’t have a clue of what the white world thinks of Indians– unavoidable supplicators at worst and disposable computer coolies at best!

    1. A
      April 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm

      this is a black spot in the name of journalism. I have never seen so biased reporting based on fake evidence in my life. this website should be banned.

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