Why was Karzai sent to Islamabad?

Why was Karzai sent to Islamabad?

President Karzai reciprocated  General Kiyani’s visit to Kabul within a week. What is going on. Why did Mr. Karzai visit Pakistan on the heels of President Ahmedinejad’s visit to Afghanistan and right before President Gul’s visit?

A report in the Guardian may give us some insight into the reasons for Mr. Karzai’s visit to Islamabad. Reversing Anti-Americanism: Building US allies in West Asia

Unless more pressure is put on the Afghan government, some British officials predict that Karzai’s proposed loya jirga, or grand peace council, due at the end of next month, will be little more than a PR stunt. “My argument today is that now is the time for the Afghans to pursue a political settlement with as much vigour and energy as we are pursuing the military and civilian effort,” Miliband will say at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a text of the address seen by the Guardian.

British officials believe that significant Taliban leaders are ready to start talking about a political settlement in which they would sever ties with al-Qaida and put down weapons in return for a role in politics. But there is also concern that opportunities to open a preliminary dialogue are being lost, and that the conflict, which has already cost more than 270 British lives, is being intensified by Kabul’s inefficiency and corruption.

“The Afghans must own, lead and drive such political engagement,” Miliband will say in his speech. “It will be a slow, gradual process. But the insurgents will want to see international support.

“International engagement, for example under the auspices of the UN, may ultimately be required.

All roads to Kabul Peace lead to Islamabad.

Mr. Karzai’s visit reflects the will of the London Conference where Mr. Karzai was urged to reach out to the Taliban and try to find reconciliation. Mr. Karzai is seen to be moving too slowly on this count. The pressure is on. The UK and the US want to find a face-saving exit from Afghanistan. A coalition government in Kabul would allow the UK and the US to declare victory and leave the Hindu Kush. Post London Pakistan-American Strategic symbiosis leaves Delhi in the cold

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