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Tayyip wins a well deserved Faisal Award

Tayyip wins a well deserved Faisal Award

There is no one better human being than Mr. Tayyip who could have won the award. Recep Tayyip has helped Muslim causes all over the world, and helped to bridge gaps between Muslims and other cultures. For example, it was Tayyip who worked tirelessly to bring peace to the Middle East between Syria and Israel. Tayyip went school to school in Turkey to collect money for the Pakistani earthquake telling the Turks “they helped us when we needed help–today they need help”. Turkey became the biggest donor and is still engaged in the efforts. Tayyip scolded Israeli president Shimon Peres when he needed to. Tayyip worked tirelessly with Iran and Pakistan to hammer out a deal on Afghanistan in Istanbul. He is helping the countries of the neighborhood to build the ECO. His latest project is to build a $20 billion rial link from Islamabad to Istanbul via Tehran. This will fundamentally change West Asia as we know it.

Recep Tayyip has brought dignity to Turkey and is a beacon for all people of the world. May God Bless him and keep in in the security of God.

RIYADH — Saudi King Abdullah presented Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with one of the country’s most prestigious prizes on Tuesday for his ’service to Islam’.

Erdogan earned the King Faisal International Prize for having “rendered outstanding service to Islam by defending the causes of the Islamic nation, particularly the Palestinian cause and the just rights of the Palestinian people,” said Abd Allah al-Uthaimin of the prize-awarding group.
“At the international level, he was a leading Muslim founder of the call for rapport between civilisation and a passionate advocate of constructive dialogue, openess, and principles of international understanding and cooperation.”

Seven academic researchers were also awarded King Faisal Prizes.
Algerian Abdurrahman Elhaj-Saleh and Lebanese Ramzi Baalbaki jointly earned the King Faisal Language and Literature prize for Arabic linguistic and grammatical research.

German Reinhold Ganz and Canadians Jean-Pierre Pelletier and Johanne Martel Pelletier shared the King Faisal Prize for Medicine for work on osteoarthritis.

US-based mathematicians Enrico Bombieri and Terence Chi-Shen Tao split the King Faisal Science prize for their work in theoretical mathematics.
Winners receive a 200-gram gold medal and 200,000 dollars and co-winners split that sum.

The impact of this award is to help Turkey to continue to take a leadership role in the Muslim world.

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