Clear evidence of Indian hand in Pakistani terror

Clear evidence of Indian hand in Pakistani terror

Pakistan on Thursday accused India of covertly supplying weapons to “militants and terrorists” in its Balochistan province from Afghanistan.

Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told reporters here that there was “clear evidence of (Indian) activities prejudicial to Pakistan’s security being undertaken from foreign soil, including efforts at destabilization, supply of weapons to militants and terrorists”.

“We have ample evidence, including photographic evidence, of these activities.”

Pakistan accuses India of using Afghanistan as a base to support insurgents in Balochistan. New Delhi denies the charge. Hindustan Times. India supplies weapons to Pakistani terrorists: Bashir. Indo-Asian News Service

Pakistan has “solid evidence” of India’s alleged involvement in fomenting unrest in Balochistan province and the government is taking up this matter diplomatically with its Indian counterpart, Interior Minister Rehman Malik claimed on Friday.

Malik made the remarks while talking to the media at the parliament.

“We are not levelling mere allegations against India but we have solid evidence of Indian involvement in Balochistan. The weapons recovered from various areas were Indian-made,” he alleged.

Afghanistan’s soil is being used to destabilise Balochistan and President Hamid Karzai, who visited Pakistan this week, has given a commitment that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan, he said.

The Indian government has denied allegations by Pakistani leaders that it is behind the unrest in Pakistan.

Replying to a question, Malik said no targeted killings were being carried out in Karachi but there was a “conspiracy to pitch religious groups against each other”.

He warned banned sectarian groups not to mar the peaceful atmosphere of Karachi, saying stern action would be taken against them.

Lauding efforts by clerics of different schools of thought to foil the “conspiracy” hatched by anti-state elements, he said, “We have intelligence information that money has been disbursed to pitch religious groups against one other. Press Trust Of India. Pak has evidence of India’s link to Balochistan’s unrest: Malik

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