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Fresh Evidence On The Unprovoked Indian Invasion Of Pakistan

Bangladesh Leader Admits India Conspired To Invade East Pakistan

Mujeeb’s daughter admits her father was a traitor, says Indian helped him raise an Indian-backed terror militia that raped and plundered in order to malign Pakistan Army

India’s advocates in Washington and London have argued for years that Pakistan is the source of tension with India. They conveniently forget where it all started: the unilateral and unprovoked and premeditated Indian invasion of Pakistan in 1971, preceded by careful planning over two years to recruit a terror militia and spread violence and mayhem to engage local Pakistan Army units in East Pakistan, paving the way for a direct Indian military invasion, which was a one-sided violation of international law.  India is an aggressor in the South Asia region.  Pakistan’s policymakers are right in demanding a mindset change in New Delhi for peace to prevail. [PakNationalists-Editorial]

By Monjurul Hassan

The Daily Mail of Pakistan

Thursday, 11 March 2010.


DHAKA, Bangladesh—For the past 39 years politicians and the ’Blame Pakistan first’ crowd have blamed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for saying “Humm iddhar tum uddhar” (a quote attributed to Mr. Bhutto that means, ‘You stay there and we stay here, a quote which has since been refuted as bogus), and blamed the Pakistan Army for the attack on the Indian-backed Mukti Bahni terrorists on March 23 as the reason for the creation of Bangladesh.

Ms. Hasina Mujib the daughter of former East Pakistan politician Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman has now confessed that her father Sheikh Mujib had planned to secede from Pakistan in 1969–two years before the March 23 ‘military action’ against Indian saboteurs and their misguided supporters among disgruntled East Pakistanis.

General Mankeshaw wrote a book in which has claimed that he recruited 80,000 Hindus to create the Mukti Bahni. These terrorists were dressed up in Pakistan Army uniform and raped and pillaged Pakistani Bengalis. They also were dressed up as civilians carrying out acts of sabotage against the civil and military government of Pakistan.

Sheikh Hasina Mujib’s confession [See report below] sheds new light on the events of March 23, 1971, because it proves that the Agartala Conspiracy was a real conspiracy sponsored by India against Pakistan and that the then President of Pakistan Ayub Khan had rightly described Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman as a traitor.

After breaking up Pakistan and declaring independence thanks to direct Indian military intervention, the Indian-backed Mujib regime killed more than 30 thousand Pakistani Bengali patriots who opposed Indian takeover.  Mr. Mujib’s first actions were to surrender the natural resources of Bangladesh to India. This includes water. These actions by the pro-Indian regime caused the man-made famine of 1974, in which three to five hundred thousand people perished, according to reports.

Mujib suppressed all democratic rights and unleashed a reign of terror. His main concern was to contain a population that was just waking up from the disaster and did not accept the breakup of Pakistan. In the above circumstances, according to some, Bangladesh faced extinction as an independent nation and was about to become a vassal state of Indian hegemonists.

The coup of 15 August 1975 saved the situation to a large extent and it was widely supported by the people. On August 14, 1975, Bangladeshi nationalists buried secularism deep into the Bay of Bengal. Today Bangladesh faces new threats from India. After failing to take over Bangladesh in real terms, India is forcing a transit policy on a defenseless Bangladesh.  The transit facilities that India is demanding would clog existing Bangladeshi road links and pose a security threat to Bangladesh.


Bangladesh’s founding leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had made detailed plans for secession from Pakistan during a stay in London in 1969, his daughter and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said.

Sheikh Mujib discussed his plans at a meeting held a few months after his release from prison following a prolonged trial in the Agartala conspiracy case in which then Pakistan government had brought sedition charges against him and 34 others, Hasina told a meeting Sunday.

They were charged with conspiring to separate from the then East Pakistan with help from neighbor India. Agartala is the capital of Tripura state in northeastern India. Political analysts say her disclosure, reinforced by the claim of her own presence at the meeting, could be a scoring point in the ongoing debate on who actually declared the country’s independence, or separation from Pakistan.

Mujib’s role is disputed by opposition leader Khaleda Zia. Zia’s supporters claim that it was her husband and then Pakistan Army major Ziaur Rahman who had first broadcast a freedom speech.

Referring to this debate, Hasina urged all to go through the reports of intelligence agencies and foreign ministries of different countries. Mujib, who became Bangladesh’s president, was assassinated in August 1975. Ziaur Rahman, who became the army chief and later the president, was assassinated in 1981. Siffy News. Mujib planned separation from Pakistan in 1969.

Sheikh Mujib met an ignominious end on 14th August 1975, when Bharati conspiracies to absorb Bangladesh into Bharat were buried deep into the Bay of Bengal. On that day Bengali patriots killed the traitor who had declared himself “dactator for life” and banned all Bangladeshi political parties.

Bengali patriots killed Shaikh Mujib who was seen as an Indian agent and a sell out to Delhi. Bangaldeshis revolted against the Indian imposed “Rakhi Bahni” (run by a sitting Indian General) and rose against the so called “Treaty of Friendhsip” whose aim was to absorb Bengal into India. Shaikh Mujib’s body lay in the streets of days. It was Awami League of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that mortgaged the national independence and state sovereignty signing the 25 years long-term unequal treaty with India. By creating Rakkhi Bahini, Lal Bahini, Sheccha Shebok Bahini and other private Bahinis AWAMI-BKSALISTS unleashed an unbearable reign of terror killing 40000 nationalists and patriotic people with out any trial. Ishaan Tharoor in an article in Time magazine published on Nov. 20, 2009 “To outsiders, this celebration of a justice [death penalty for mutiny against Mujib) long deferred may seem a bit too rapturous. But it cuts at the heart of the political traumas that have plagued Bangladesh since its bloody independence from Pakistan in 1971. Mujib had been President of the new country for just four years before a coup hatched by disgruntled military officers, some of whom harbored Islamist or pro-Pakistani sentiments, led to his assassination and the installation of a military government. Since then, Bangladesh has endured a succession of army-run regimes, as well as a period of dysfunctional democratic rule marred by corruption and partisan bickering.

Yes; my father did break Pakistan, confesses BD Premier

Daily Mail Monitoring

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dhaka—Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid has confessed that her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a traitor who formed a detailed conspiracy to break Pakistan into 2 pieces with the help of the Indian government during his stay in London in 1969.

Hasina was addressing a discussion in Dhaka to mark the ‘March 7,1971’ speech of mutiny, in which Sheikh Mujib called on the people of East Pakistan to prepare for the secession from the rest of Pakistan.

She said that her father made separation plans just months after his release from Kurmitola where he had been detained in the Agartala Conspiracy Case, in which the Pakistan government had brought sedition charges against him and 34 others.

“He went to London on October 22 1969, following his release in the Agartala case on April 22 that year. I reached London the next day from Italy, where I was living with my husband,” she recalled.

“It was there that my father at a meeting made plans for separating West Pakistan from East Pakistan, including when the war would start, where our fighters would be trained and where refugees would take shelter.”
“All preparations were taken there (London). I was serving tea and entered the room several times where the meeting between my father and some Indian officials was being held. I heard their discussions,” the Prime Minister said.
Referring to the recent debate over who first proclaimed Bangladesh’s independence, she urged all to go through the reports of intelligent agencies and foreign ministries of different countries.

She also said the Aug 15 1975 assassination of her father and family members, and the Jail Killings of four national leaders on Nov 3 the same year, were planned by those defeated in the war to take revenge for their defeat.
“Those who rewarded the killers had never expected Bangladesh’s independence. They wanted to impose the principles of the defeated forces on the people,” she added.

This report is edited by PakNationalists.com for clarity and is copyrighted by The Daily Mail newspaper of Pakistan. Editor Makhdoom Babar can be reached at macbabur@hotmail.com

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