Is India inviting war by witholding Pakistani water?

Is India inviting war by witholding Pakistani water?

The U S President Abraham Lincoln decided to abolish slavery in the country; in consequence of which there was a civil war, but his determination was absolute. Thus U S Congress passed the 13th Amendment to the constitution on 13th January 1865 to abolish slavery in the USA. In 1846 the British Government legalized slavery of people of Jammu & Kashmir and sold them to Gulab Singh Dogra in exchange of Rs. 7,500,000-00. Slavery was promoted in Jammu &Kashmir part of the world by the then Super Power, the Great Britain; while slavery was abolished by the United States of America in their country just nineteen years after, the British act of enslaving the people of Jammu & Kashmir. So begins the suffering of the Kashmiri people and the exploitation of the people and the region… JAMMU & KASHMIR.

After WW-II the leaders of USA emphasized over the Great Britain to give independence to the people of Indo-Pak subcontinent as a result of their freedom movement; before it converts to guerilla war. The British had to succumb to the freedom movement and India and Pakistan were granted freedom on 14/15 August 1947, through the Indian Independence Act 1947 passed by the British Parliament. According to 3rd June plan of Lord Mountbatten (that was subsequently enacted as Indian independence Act 1947) accepted by Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League; the Muslim majority provinces/princely states were to become Pakistan and Hindu majority provinces/princely states were to form India. There is no third option. Jammu & Kashmir is a Muslim majority state beyond any doubt. It is geographically attached with Pakistan and all the Rivers; i.e. River Jhelum, River Chenab, River Ravi, River Sutlej, River Bias and River Indus that are flowing into Pakistan originate from Jammu & Kashmir. These waters are the only source for agriculture in Pakistan, or in other words the lifeline for the very survival of Pakistan. The British Viceroy in India Lord Mountbatten, when he was the Governor General of independent state of India had wrongfully annexed Jammu & Kashmir with India by use of military force.

India and Pakistan fought wars in 1948, 1965, and 1971 basically on the issue of the liberation of Jammu & Kashmir from India and securing the waters that are legitimate right of Pakistan. War is still lurking over India and Pakistan, now two nuclear power countries equipped with sophisticated delivery system. The dispute is same: Liberation of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and securing legitimate right of Pakistan over the waters sourcing from Jammu & Kashmir.

The UN resolutions exist and are yet to be enforced to grant the right of self determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan related to the distribution of Waters sourcing from Jammu & Kashmir also exists. According to Indus Waters Treaty1960, Pakistan has exclusive right over the waters of River Indus, River Jhelum and River Chenab while India gets the waters of Rivers Ravi, Beas and Sutlej with some exceptions. Details of these exceptions are laid down in the treaty. An Indus water commission is to supervise the enforcement of the treaty and the World Bank is the guarantor. India violates UN resolutions and the Indus Waters Treaty.

Is the world community going to enforce UN resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir as was done recently in case of Kuwait, Bosnia and East Timur? Would the world community prevail upon India not to violate the Indus Waters Treaty? Unfortunately it is to the contrary. The world community supports every illegal and illogical act of India that is directed against Pakistan. India has started a policy of war phobia and harassment of Pakistan. India had en-massed her armed forces at Pakistan borders in December 2002 and stayed there for a year and again in November 2008 till to-date without provocation by State of Pakistan. The world community has yet to condemn India. Instead the government of India is pampered and provoked against Pakistan. U S Secretary of Defense, Mr. Robert Gates’ statements from India in February 2010 are the recent examples of such provocations.

There is an ongoing struggle and a liberation movement in Jammu & Kashmir that has turned into guerilla warfare. It is indigenous by the people of Jammu & Kashmir. India has deployed Seven hundred thousand troops, to crush the liberation movement but has not been successful despite killing more than hundred thousand innocent people. The Indian armed forces committed genocide and rape of the women. The genocide and rapes are is still continued unabated and the people of Jammu & Kashmir are committed to their struggle for liberation since past sixty years. The world community is doing nothing to help save the people of Jammu and Kashmir. When world community is not coming to the rescue of the people of Jammu & Kashmir then the only way left for the liberation fighters is to deny the resources of Jammu and Kashmir to India. This is the only weapon that brought the defeat of great powers by weaker nations. It has become inevitable for the people of Jammu & Kashmir to blast away all the dams and engineering projects that benefit their enemy India. That is the only way to deny the resources of Jammu & Kashmir to India.

Once these resources are blasted off and denied to India, then it will be un-affordable and futile for India to prolong her occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. India would then be seen running around the world, requesting world community for help and rescue from that kind of situation. Then it will be India asking world community for an urgent settlement through negotiations. Only then Jammu & Kashmir will be liberated from the clutches of slavery of India.

India has almost completed many dams and engineering projects to divert the course of rivers which are the legitimate right of Pakistan; like the dam under construction on River Chenab just 70 Km away from Pakistan borders and the world community did nothing about it. Pakistan is a peaceful and responsible country. Pakistan has adopted a policy of restraint from armed conflict and is looking to the world community to prevail upon India for settlement of the disputes of Jammu & Kashmir, stealth of waters of Pakistan by India and other disputes. India refuses to negotiate on self generated pretexts. The policy of restraint by the Government of Pakistan, is read by India as weakness.

The people of Pakistan are growing impatient by every passing day. They are demanding from the government to blast off those dams with missiles that are built by India to steal the waters that are meant for Pakistan, according to Indus Waters Treaty 1960. Agriculture in Pakistan has already suffered a great deal and as of now Pakistan is facing a draught like situation due to denial of waters by India. People of Pakistan only think that it is better to die as result of a nuclear war then die of hunger. Let the world community know that there exists an inevitable cause for a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Water disputes and liberation of the people of Jammu & Kashmir are the cause. India’s denial for a peaceful solution of disputes with Pakistan has further fueled the situation to become worst. Unless the basic cause is removed, the nuclear war in South Asia can not be ruled out. Pakistan-India water Dispute- An Invitation to Nuclear War 24 Mar, 2010 Abdul Razzak

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