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18th Amendment: We salute Mr. Zardari

18th Amendment: We salute Mr. Zardari

After the removal of Mr. Musharraf, the restoration of the judiciary, and the ratification of the National Finance Commission (NFC) Awards, the 18th Amendment has been approved by the Parliament’s Constitutional Reforms Committee (CRC).

This is a great step forward.

This is a gargantuan step forward, and represents the fourth time when the provinces, the people and the government have once again reaffirmed their commitment to the federation. That reaffirmation which stems out of the Lahore Declaration of 1940, became the Qarardad e Maqasid, and eventually the 1956 constitution. In 1962 the principles of 1940 were once again consecrated in the 2nd constitution of Pakistan. In 1973, the people once again reconfirmed the federation. In April 2010 the people have once again given their vote of confidence to the 1973 Constitution and taken care of the “Concurrent List” which were not decided upon on the 1973 constitution.

All the corruption of the constitution and infestations have now been removed, resorting the letter and the spirit of the voice of the people.

With the reversal of the 58(2)b and the elimination of the 17th amendment, the PPPP has placed itself in the right spot to lead the people through constitutional reform.

Thus Mr. Zardari has become one of the first Pakistani leaders to give up his powers. Of all his negative points, Mr. Zardari has a great knack for consensus building. He has done so since coming to power. Today he has become a statesman and a great leader.

Mr. Zardari began with a slow start and made some bad decisions. He however has got his stride and is moving forward in the right direction.

As a great fan of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto–this is the first time since the removal of Mr. Bhutto that the PPP has made us proud.

Thank you Mr. Zardari, the PPP and all the members of the Constitution Committee.

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