PM, chiefs of armed forces watch PAF’s power show

HANG: Pakistan Air Force is displaying its power and expertise in aerial capability today in Jhang area of Thal in connection with countrywide High Mark exercises, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The fly past of the fighter jets opened the PAF’s fire power.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar, the chiefs of all armed forces of Pakistan, the high-ups from the Forces’ echelons and the members of the Parliaments attended the opening ceremony.

The PAF’s JF-17s, F-16s, Mirages, F-7s, PG Aircraft, helicopters are taking part in the drills among other jets.

Various practices including mid-air refueling and air-to-land targeting with missiles and bombs are being conducted during the exercises. The refueler plane has recently been incorporated in the PAF fleet. The plane supplied fuel to two Mirages during the Drills. Moreover, the plane also displayed the feat of deceiving the enemy’s radar.

The high mark exercises include search-and-relief operation, the use of spy planes, expeditious supply of heavy apparatus by the transport planes and the ground operation with the help of the PAF in war against terrorism.

The high-mark exercises will include the display of drone planes being used in ground operation against the extremists in the ongoing anti-terror war in collaboration with the PAF.

The PAF’s chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said the first phase of the High Mark drills opened today and the second phase will start tomorrow, adding the Pak Air Forces is changing itself with the passage of time.

The drills are aimed at estimation of the PAF capabilities, he added.

The PAF exercises commenced in mid-March to last for another two months.

The drills happening every fifth year, are a means to assay the professional capability, expertise and war preparations of the PAF.

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