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Singh tried arcane US jargon to malign Pakistan

Rupee News

Singh tried arcane US jargon to malign Pakistan

Bharat (aka India) in the 50s and the 60s used be the champion of the third world, and one of the most ardent critics of the West’s monopoly of Nuclear Technology and Atomic weapons. The speeches of Jawaharlal Nehru and other Bharati politicians opposing the the discriminatory practices against the have-not nations, mainly from the poorer South. Today Delhi, the possible recipient of Civilian Nuclear Technology uses the old language used by America to keep technology from peoples of the third world. Prime Minister Singh tried arcane US jargon to malign Pakistan. He however did not success and was snubbed by President Barack Obama. The US president clearly stated that Pakistan’s Nuclear Program and Pakistani nukes were safe–embarrassing Prime Minister Singh.

Without understanding the complexities of the world’s mood, Mr. Singh seems to be caught in a time warp of the last decade when the blunt tool of “Nuclear Proliferation” was used on a Quixotic hunt for WMDs in Iraq and by extension in Pakistan.

The Bharati diplomatic corps seems to be caught in a blast from the past when Pakistan faced US sanctions for building a Nuclear bomb. That was a long time ago, and a lot of water has gone down the Indus. Bharat’s diplomatic corp for some reason seems to think that that time cna be brought back.

Without naming Pakistan’s A Q Khan operation, India on Tuesday reminded the world of the dangers of “clandestine proliferation networks” and asked the world to join hands to combat trafficking of nuclear materials.

“Clandestine proliferation networks have flourished and led to insecurity for all, including and especially for India,” Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told 47 world leaders gathered at the Nuclear Security Summit here.

“We must learn from past mistakes and institute effective measures to prevent their recurrence,” the prime minister said in his intervention on the concluding day of the summit.

“The danger of nuclear explosives or fissile material and technical know-how falling into the hands of non-state actors continues to haunt our world,” he said.

“India is deeply concerned about the danger it faces, as do other states, from this threat,” he said.

Although he did not name Pakistan, the reference was obvious to world leaders gathered for the summit who, too, have voiced apprehensions about the dangers of Pakistan-origin proliferation.

Announcing the setting up of the Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership in India, Manmohan Singh stressed that “the world community should join hands to eliminate the risk of sensitive and valuable materials and technologies falling into hands of terrorists and illicit traffickers”.

“There should be zero tolerance for individuals and groups which engage in illegal trafficking in nuclear items,” Manmohan Singh stressed.

Indo-Asian News Service, Washington, April 13, 2010. Hindustan Times. Manmohan alerts world about Pakistan’s A Q Khan network

Prime Minister Singh wasted his 45 minutes with President Obama complaining about Pakistan. His rhetoric against Nuclear proliferation surely must have sounded alarm bells in Tehran further jeopardizing the Info-Iranian relationship–which is already at nadir.

Mr. Manmohan Singh should have been a bit more sagacious in Washington. He has forgotten that the mood in Washington and other world has changed. The world has moved–no one is interested in Delhi’s petty squabbles, and her ancient rhetoric. The planet is more interested in building bridges with Pakistan so that the West can extricate itself from Afghanistan.

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