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Pak Beats India In Grabbing Eyeballs At World Expo

Times of India

SHANGHAI: It is easy to keep Pakistan out of the IPL. But when it comes to attracting eyeballs of Chinese visitors and international businesses, Pakistan has beaten Indian hands down at the World Expo in Shanghai.

The Pakistani pavilion is attracting thousands of people by the hour for the past week while the Indian pavilion is far from complete.

In any case, New Delhi has chosen not to showcase India’s industrial might and export potential. Millions of small and big buyers who will visit the World Expo will be given a taste of Indian cuisine, art, culture, handlooms while other countries compete to sell industrial goods.

The “soft” part of India will occupy 12 of the 14 stalls available for commercial organizations at the Indian Pavilion. Only two are left. Any takers among the likes of Tatas, Birlas and Infosys?

“Our focus is on culture. Industrial companies do not fit into the plan,” a senior official of the foreign ministry told TNN.

A “soft opening” has been scheduled for April 27 but it is doubtful that the pavilion will be fully operational even by April 30 when the entire World Expo will be formally opened. At least 40 Indian personnel have been struck because they have not yet obtained Chinese visas. Delays is sanctions and approvals at different stages and the late start of the construction work in June last year are some of the other reasons for the unpreparedness, according to an official connected to the work.

At another level, Pakistan is competing with India when it comes to charming the Chinese with the Buddhist legacy. It has created a dome structure within the pavilion with images of the Buddha found in excavations at Taxila, a World Heritage site 30 kms from Islamabad.

The caption below the images says the Buddha is in the “dhanamudra pose” while another one is a tablet on the Royal court during the time of the Buddha. A Pakistan tourism poster also invites visitors to the country with a image of the Buddha.

The Pakistan pavilion has some other interesting dimensions. An entire wall is devoted to photographs of leaders of Pakistan and China shaking hands over the past half a century.

The Zardari raj is evident in another panel full of pictures of his wife and former prime minister Benezir Bhutto.

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