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Enemies of China are foes of Pakistan

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said “Enemies of China are the enemies of Pakistan” and his country has and will spare no effort in future as well in eliminating elements posing threat to our most trusted ally.

Responding to a question at a press conference after completion of his 2-day whirlwind visit to Beijing in which he met top officials and exchanged views on security, Rehman Malik said, “Let me tell you first that China is a great friend of Pakistan, we treat like a family and any enemy of China is enemy of Pakistan.”

The cooperation in the field of anti-terrorism is already at high and greater level and the cooperation in this regard is visible and will continue to be visible in future as well, said Malik.

Elaborating, the interior minister said, “Our forces have already taken action against ETIM, as we treat it (ETIM) not only the enemies of China but we treat them enemies of Pakistan too.” He said in 2002, the gang leader of ETIM Masoom was killed, while the other so-called gang leader Haq had also been killed recently by “our law enforcing agencies. I confirm that.”

The interior minister said that he assured his Chinese brothers and sisters that if any activity of ETIM came in his knowledge, the Pakistani government will come with heavy hands. “We will take strict action, rather very strict action against them,” he noted.

Malik said that there is a small pocket between the Pak-Afghan border and that place is highly inaccessible as it is surrounded by rough mountains where these elements had been operating in connivance with Uzbeks, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Al-Qaeda, etc. Malik said, “When we launched the operation against terrorists, the priority was to eliminate them.” He assured that ETIM back has been broken and weakened.

During his meeting with senior officials including Minister for Public Security, Malik said they appreciated Pakistani efforts in this regard. On Pakistan, China cooperation in the anti-terrorism campaign, Rehman Malik said that China has been helpful to his country in all dimensions including capacity building. Malik pointed out that in today’s meeting the Chinese side has confirmed a US $180 million for capacity building of our forces.

“They also offered training programmes for our law enforcers,” he said and added that they have also offered a grant of 2-million Yuan for procurement of equipment for the forces. Expressing gratitude for this generosity, Rehman Malik said he can only say, “Thank you China, Thank you Chinese leadership for helping us a lot, we are friends and we will work together against the common enemy called terrorists.”

The minister also responded about the arrest of Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square bomber, saying, “Let me assure you here that we are offering, we are giving full support to FBI investigators and will help them all to bring the culprits to justice.

To another question, Malik said that friendship between Pakistan and China has fully-cemented and in the year 2010 it will further grow, deepen and strengthened. Malik held that anyone whether they are Taliban, Al-Qaeda or Zalmaan, Pakistan and China will cooperate with each other to eliminate them.

Masood Khan said Pakistan and China enjoy robust relations, but this time minister’s meetings were focused on security cooperation between the two countries.

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