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Propaganda against Hijab

According to the western media, Islam oppresses women, and the symbol of oppression is the hijab. Even under this vicious propaganda, it can be seen that western women are turning to Islam in large numbers, leaving their skimpy clothing and adopting the hijab.

The western media does not show the countless western women who have reverted to Islam, adopted the hijab, and are happy with it. Born, raised and educated in the west, they experienced freedom and spent life as they wanted. Then they studied Islam and reverted. What did Islam give give them that they were missing. It filled the vacuum in their souls.

Should we listen to the western media or the western women who accept Islam after experiencing the so called freedom?

Covering is a sign of purity and dignity. A woman is not a sex object that she is turned out to be in the west. She is not an object of lust for every stranger. Just look at how the west treats women. Porn industries are thriving, filthy DVDs are sold everywhere, magazines of semi-nude women decorate even grocery stores, filthy magazines are sold even in corner stores, strip clubs are in abundance, and I can go on and on.

The west has left no stone unturned in shattering the dignity of a woman, and then they are ready to give lectures to others on how to treat women with dignity.

Finally, why is the west so scared of the hijab. The answer is simple. It is a threat to their beauty and fashion industries.

M Yusha

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