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Apologizing for Faisal Shahzad? Why?

Apologizing for Faisal Shahzad? Why?

We should not apologize for Faisal Shahzad’s actions — for we have stood against his ilk throughout our adult life, while Lieberman’s kind has financed, armed and trained the antecedents of such bigots.

Senator Joseph Lieberman’s call to violate section 349 (a) (7), of the US Immigration and Nationality Act, smacks of a desire to go back to the days of the Executive Order number 9066.The said order was used by Franklin Roosevelt during the Second World War for internment of the Americans of “Foreign Enemy Ancestry” (AFEAs), predominantly the ethnic Japanese, as many as 122,000 of whom were then held in various government-run camps. Following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, FDR had also suspended the habeas corpus writ.

Title 8, Chapter 12, Sub-chapter III, Part III, Section 1481 of the US Code deals with the potential loss of US nationality by a native-born or naturalised citizen, the voluntary actions leading to such loss and the burden of proof to sustain the charges and the presumptions therein.

Simply put, Section 349(a)(7) states that a person can be stripped of his or her US citizenship for committing any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the US, or conspiring to conduct any of these actions.

However, there is a glitch here — a constitutional one — that does not suit the expedient agenda of the hate-mongers like Lieberman. The law states that the offender can only be stripped of citizenship “if and when he is convicted thereof by a court martial or by a court of competent jurisdiction”.

And why do Senators Lieberman and McCain despise this hurdle? The answer lies in Section 349 (b), which states: “Whenever the loss of United States nationality is put in issue in any action or proceeding commenced on or after September 26, 1961 under, or by virtue of, the provisions of this chapter or any other Act, the burden shall be upon the person or party claiming that such loss occurred, to establish such claim by a preponderance of the evidence.”

Lieberman’s Bill is completely in sync with the neo-con methodology of prosecuting the war against terror, specifically in the Pak-Afghan theatre, in the ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ manner. They wanted to do it cheaply and got thugs like Ismail Khan and Rashid Dostum to do the donkeywork so the neo-cons could divert the resources to attacking a sovereign Iraq. On the Pakistani side, the action was outsourced to a military dictator and his army. (Dr. Muhammad Taki. Daily Times)

Today–why should American Muslims and Pakistani Muslim take foster parentage of the actions of a demented individual who took the law into his own hands. As American citizens we have worked hard to build a life of ourselves and our families. We have followed the laws of this great nation, and do not feel responsible for the acts of others with which we have no relations with.

Why should I be compelled to condemn the actions of a person who was clearly manipulated by the progeny of the foreign policy failures of the Reagan era. Why should I as a US citizen be asked to refute the blowback from the drone bombings in Waziristan. I have never even visited Waziristan, and learned from a map where it was.
Why is collective guilt being imposed on a people. If a mafia drug lord does horrible things and had visited Italy, is the entire Italian-American community stripped of its nationality or under suspicion? “Irish Car bombs” are still sold in Irish pubs all over America–the sale from these drinks were sent to fund the Irish republican Army. Were the Irish considered under the microscope of the deportation inquisition? Is the loyalty of all African Americans in doubt when OJ Simpson commits a murder. Are all Whites in the US considered traitors when Timoty McVeigh blows up a building in Oklahoma? How many Whites are considered serial cannibalistic if Jeffery Dahmer eats body parts of those that he had murdered?
I am not my brother’s keeper. Why should I be responsible for an apparently insane young man, I have never met in my life.
Senator Lieberman has drifted so far from his roots in the Democratic Party that it is an abomination to see the word “Democrat” linked to his horrid name. The Vice Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party is now digging up Fascist laws from Japanese internment days to threaten 200,000 loyal American citizens.
Senator Lieberman and his ilk need to be sent to the mental asylum.
  1. neel123
    May 11, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Apologizing for Faisal Shahzad? Why……….???????

    – you Pakistani morons are in denial, that is why you are asking why !!!

    – Here is a Pakistani, born in a Pakistani military family, enjoying citizenship and a nice life in the US, comes back to train in the Pakistani terror training camps, goes back to the US to kill innocent civilians there … !

    – what excuse does the Pakistani nation have, for failing to stop the terrorist training infrastructure to function with impunity … ???

    – Don’t you think the Pakistani nation is accountable for such action to the US and the rest of the world ?

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