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Clinton in damage control after massive Pakistani backlash

Clinton in damage control after massive Pakistani backlash

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a classic “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine has now retreated into a more normal and composed self. She had lost her composure and seems to have regained her balance and equanimity.

Her crass comments about “consequences for Pakistan” did not make here any friends in Pakistan. In fact, she peeved off the very people who have been supporting her. The PPPP government has often come under fire for being too compliant and obsequious, especially in the case of the drones.

He threats were wrong on several counts. First she was taking the actions of an individual and ascribing them to a nation. Secondly she was confusing the individuals with the state. It would be like threatening all of Oklahoma for the actions of Timothy McVeigh.

WASHINGTON—In a damage control exercise US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised Pakistan’s efforts to defeat extremists who threaten the Pakistan and American people and again reaffirmed her country’s commitment to build a broader and deeper relationship with Pakistan. Clinton said this during a joint appearance with President Hamid Karzai at the US Institute for Peace here on Thursday. Her statement appears to be an attempt to pacify Pakistani people who are enraged for her threatening remarks over CBS TV of severe consequences after the botched Times Square bombing.
The Secretary emphasized the need for sustained cooperation against a “common enemy,” and praised Pakistan’s efforts to defeat extremists who threaten the Pakistani and American people. The Secretary pointed out that U.S. concerns about extremist violence are being “reciprocated on the part of Pakistan.” She spoke of the importance of the strategic relationship that the United States is developing with Pakistan. “The fact that we have expanded our interactions far beyond the counterterrorism agenda, which was basically what we inherited, that we are focused on trying to create a broader and deeper understanding between our two countries, and that we have gone quite a distance in creating a better atmosphere, she went on to say.”
Clinton says we’ve been encouraged by the way that the Pakistani Government and military has, in this past year, been much more willing to go after the terrorists who are not only threatening outsiders, but threatening them.” She however said “we do fear the consequences of a successful attack that can be traced back to Pakistan, because we value a more comprehensive relationship. So we do expect more and the investigation is going well between our two investigative bodies”. She said there is a lot of effort that is being undertaken on the Pakistani side to provide information to our teams over here.
Secretary of State said the attacks by the extremists inside Pakistan are no longer aimed across their borders. They are aimed at destroying and killing people in mosques, in markets, in every walk of society. She said it is a matter of great concern to the American people and to the US government, but we think that the concern is being reciprocated on the part of Pakistan. US and Pakistan have agreed that individual incidents like Faisal Shahzad New York Time Square Bomb incident would not affect the ties between the two countries and both countries would continue to work together for elimination of terror.

After removing her foot from her mouth, Ms. Clinton is trying to smooth  over the prickly relations with Pakistan. As it is there is much distrust of the US in Pakistan. The belligerence displayed by Ms. Clinton in the past few days was unwarranted, undiplomatic and against the long term interests of America.

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