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MUST READ: Top Stories!


This is Pakistan: Land of Pure

Amazing Pakistan: A Picture Hidden From The World

Thar [Pakistan] coal Reserves


India stealing Pakistan’s water

Proof of Indian hand in South Waziristan

Pakistan Objects to U.S. Plan for Afghan War

RAW Network In Afghanistan Destabilizing

Jaswant Singh warns of more partitions if India does not solve its communal issues

Racist, Anti-Pakistan Picture Circulating on some US based websites

India stealing water causing $ 12 bln loss to Pakistan

Pakistan concerned over dam on Kabul River

50,000 Kashmiris detained under draconian law

A Free Kashmir : Random Thoughts


Revival Of Khilafat In the Modern World

How India’s illegal occupation of Hyderad state destroyed the dines city of the world

Azm-e-Nau-III a message to India?

Arrival of Imam Mahdi and Rise of Islam

Aafia Siddiqui’s “Bermuda Triangle Trial” evidence disappeared before reaching courtroom

Why China ignored India’s ‘military doctrine’

Message From Zaid Hamid to All Pakistani

The rising China, Pakistan strategic cooperation

Babri Mosque Massacre in Secular India


Pakistan Air Force | A Proud History

JF-17 Made in Pakistan!

JF-17 Thunder joins PAF’s fighter fleet

PAFs lethal potency–150 FC-20s, 250 JF-17 thunders & 75 F-16’s

Pakistan’s first Saab 2000 AEW aircraft enters final testing

ICBM: Pakistan intercontinental missile

Pakistan v Hindustan: A Military Fact-Checking Excercise

Indian paranoia about Pakistani missiles

Indian Air Force Flying Coffins

We don’t even match up with Pakistan as far as defense goes – IAF Cheif

Red Alert for Indian Nuclear Arsenal

The India Air Force has the worst crash record in the world

More bad news for Delhi: Mig 35s delayed

Comedy of errors: IAF bombs Gandhi canal in jaisalmer India

Indian Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)

Indian Air Force Flying Coffins

Meeting India’s military challenge

  1. sohel baqai
    August 24, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Unfortunately our beloved country is passing through a worst ever crisis. A greater part of this is due to extra ordinary flood and a considerable of this kiosk has been created due to absence of trust worthy leadership, visionary people and greedy politicians. We must also not forget that we have retained back this, currently ill, political system back after eras of martial laws and dictatorship. Surprisingly, few of our leaders, who remained unable, benefitting from flood crisis, have started giving indications to derail this system. It is quite apparent, that they have got signals from those whom they are criticizing on one hand and welcoming on other.
    There is no doubt that Pakistan Army have proved to be the best, most efficient and effective during flood relief process, but this proactive service of theirs does provide enough justification over burdening them.
    These floods (although very unfortunate) have opened eyes of common men to see the true faces of their elected members.
    The fact is that, various “patients” are about to die because of chronic diseases, whereas they prefer accidental death so that all their diseases can be camouflaged under cover of this “Accident”. This will extend their political lives and they may have a chance to back after having a “Bath”.
    Leadership is identified / exposed during crisis situation the results are quite obvious and self explanatory after looking toward post flood kiosk in our country. Now since many of leaders totally failed to deliver, many others remained least bothered whereas large number are looking towards escape way.
    I can accept, although a tough reality, that, poor common men will continue getting effected because of politician’s failures. If we continue relying on SUCH shortcuts to provide him relief, than his coming generations as well, will never get a permanent cure. Common men’s his current suffering, although unjustified, will bring long term relief for our coming generations if not for us.
    Dear Leaders / Politicians: Please refrain yourselves from getting us de-trailed please protect us please let allow us to continue using our right once every 5 year we have already had 3 bitter years and will survive 2 more. We will learn from our mistakes and not let our bad experiences repeat again but please don’t block our learning, don’t let THEM wash their sins Please Please Please.

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