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Zardari telephones Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul

President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday had a telephonic conversation with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul.

The President expressed deep condolences over the tragic incident and the loss of precious lives on board a Turkish flagged ship that was assaulted by Israeli commandos.

He said Pakistan strongly condemns the use of brazen force by Israel against a humanitarian mission and the killing of members of the humanitarian mission was a brutal and inhuman act which constituted flagrant violation of international law and norms.

The President said “Pakistan stands by Turkey in its courageous and principled stance on this tragic incident and sheer aggression”.He said Pakistan is deeply concerned at the Israeli blockade of Gaza in violation of international humanitarian law and “we will continue extending unequivocal support to the legitimate cause of Palestinians”.

The President said that Pakistan appreciates the efforts undertaken by Turkey, including the meeting of the United Nations Security Council and the adoption of a statement by the Council. The President said that Pakistan has proposed to the Organization of Islamic Countries to hold an urgent meeting in order to discuss and agree upon a unified OIC response to the attack.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul thanked President Zardari for Pakistan’s unequivocal support to Turkey and the humanitarian missions for the Palestinians and said ,”the Turkish Government expects the international community to take practical steps to restrain Israeli aggression against innocent Palestinians and the humanitarian missions”.

The Israeli aggression has been condemned by the international community—majority depicting the act as non-justifiable, hostile, gross violation of the norms of international law with grave consequences for peace in the Middle East.

The UN Secretary General in his statement condemned the violence, called for full investigation to determine exactly how the bloodshed took place and said that Israel must provide a full explanation.

The Security Council also held a 12-hour emergency session and the statement issued by the President of the Council regretted the loss of life and injuries from the use of force during the Israeli military operation in international waters.

The Council condemned those acts that resulted in the loss of at least 10 civilians and many wounded. The Council also took note of the UN Secretary General’s statement calling for prompt impartial investigation conforming the international standards.

The Flotilla which was made up of people from 40 nationalities also included three Pakistanis on board who were taken hostage by the Israeli commandoes.

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