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‘Educating’ Cameron

‘Educating’ Cameron

This time around, its not about Educating Rita, its about Educating Cameron. Mr. Cameron needs a lot of learning. He has to ‘look both ways’ before attacking Pakistan. He has to listen to a lot of “plain speaking”. He has to reduce the number of gaffes per week, and he needs to understand the complexities of South Asia. Mr. Cameron has to  comprehend the gourd-realities in Afghanistan, where his troops are dependent on everything flowing through Pakistani roads.

We are not in Buckinghamshire anymore Toto.

The rookies, immature, inexperience, and freshly elected David Cameron has thought it fit to do some plain talking in Delhi. Many in the UK have called him “loudmouthed” and sloppy. Of course the Pakistanis are incensed at the claptrap that Mr. Cameron has spewed.

Mr. Zardari, a political animal who was able to claw his way up to the presidency through various means is no spring chicken. He exactly knows how to deal with shenanigans like Mr. Cameron. Mr. Zardari has stubbornly refused to cancel the trip—instead opting for a face to face meeting with the gaffe-machine in London.

The President has been invited to Mr. Cameron’s country home in order to calm down the hot tempers. However Mr. Zardari rebuffed the hosts offer to stay the night over.

Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari yesterday turned down an offer of hospitality at David Cameron’s country retreat Chequers, as the diplomatic row continued over his country’s approach to tackling terrorism.

Mr Zardari rejected an invitation to spend a night at the Buckinghamshire mansion, saying he was too busy.

But he will visit Chequers for dinner this evening for informal talks with the Prime Minister, which are set to be dominated by Mr Cameron’s assertion last week that Pakistan is ‘exporting terror’. Daily Mail.

History has shown that Mr. Zardari is an expert negotiator and knows how to handle the toughest of opponents. He ran circles around Mr. Nawaz Sharif and even Mr. Musharraf. He came back from New York and thundered into Pakistani politics despite horrendous handicaps. Agree or disagree with him moral character or his personal life, but Mr. Zardari has manipulated the best of the best and come on top. Mr. Zardari has built domestic alliances and been able to rule the country–which Nawaz Sharif could not. This despite a colossal earthquake, a horrendous flood, a dilapidating war in Afghanistan and a corrosive campaign of sabotage launched from Afghanistan by Bharat.

His policy in Afghanistan has sidelined Bharat, and he has been able to continue to construct viable and robust bridges with China.

  • In series of recent interviews, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Zardari have traded barbs, accusing each other of misrepresenting the wars in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari will be doing some “plain talking” when he meets British Prime Minister David Cameron and has a mind to “put him straight” over the remark that Islamabad was exporting terror.
  • “We’ve to tell him (Cameron) what the reality is, to educate him about what we have suffered; and that if we are not supported now, things will get worse.”
  • Mr. Cameron has actually come down three notches in his criticism.
  • Look both ways before attacking Pakistan–Hilary Synnott Financial Times

Most Pakistanis know that the Wikileaks and the Cameron comments were well orchestrated, scripted–the one, two punch attacks on the Pakistani military and the pride of the nation the ISI.

The Times of India is reporting that “A senior Pakistani official said that Zardari plans to ‘put him (Cameron) straight’ when he meets him at a summit at Chequers on Friday. Chequers is the official country residence of the British prime minister in Buckinghamshire.

“David Cameron has been doing some plain talking. Now Zardari will be doing the plain talking. We have to tell him (Cameron) what the reality is, to educate him about what we have suffered, and that if we are not supported at this time, how things will get worse,” The Guardian on Tuesday quoted the official as saying.

The official said the Pakistani president would tell Cameron to be “more forthright in supporting (Pakistani) democracy and more careful in what he says, especially in countries like India that are very hostile”.

During his India visit, Cameron on July 28 warned Pakistan against exporting terrorism to India, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world.

Cameron said: “We want to see a strong, stable and democratic Pakistan, but we cannot tolerate in any sense export of terrorism, whether to India, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world.”TOI

Pakistan’s harsh and predictable retort to Prime Minister Cameron has stung the entire UK establishment hard. Mr. Cameron is being criticized from the left and the right. The rookie Mr. Cameron has not learned how to diffuse the crisis. Political naivety forces him to stick to his guns.

Mr. Cameron has actually come down three notches in his criticism. Firstly he clarified that he was not talking about the government of Pakistan. Secondly he advised the media that a small portion of people are spreading terror. Thirdly it was clarified that he was not talking about the armed forces or the ISI. “There has been and still is a problem of terror groups in Pakistan that threaten other countries.” He added: “They also threaten our troops in Afghanistan, threaten India and threaten us; and they need to be dealt with.”

Hamilton in The Independent puts it eloquently.

It’s not that Pakistan is the basket-case country it is being increasingly painted as. It has a well- educated middle class, a strong judiciary, some fine universities and an income per head that is actually better than India’s. But the manner of its birth, the long decades of hostility with India, and the corruption of its politics has left it with a fractured history of democracy and military rule from which it never been able to extricate itself.

A real friend of India, as of Pakistan, would have gone to New Delhi and then to Islamabad and told them what they didn’t want to hear – that this confrontation is a dead end, militarily, economically and politically; that the Kashmir problem is soluble given goodwill and a willingness to compromise on both sides, and that the sooner they stop looking over their shoulders at each other’s shadow and face forward the better it will be for their ordinary citizens a.hamilton@independent.co.uk

The Pakistan High Commissioner in the UK, Shamsul Hasan, has been been disseminating the unusually aggressive comments about Cameron. In the past few days, the Pakistani government and the media has labeled the British PM as “ignorant”. The naming convetion has kind of stuck to the British PM.

A Senior Pakistani diplomat explained the Pakistani message in ‘The Guardian’: “We’ve to tell him (Cameron) what the reality is, to educate him about what we have suffered; and that if we are not supported now, things will get worse.”

The Pakistani official was of the opinion that the timing of the remark showed how Cameron had been “taken in” by the Indians.

“Cameron was enamoured by so-called Indian democracy and attractive markets – he was suckered by the Indians.”

The official, however, observed that the row could be defused and there would be no lasting damage.

“The president believes the dialogue must continue,” he said.

Cameron, on his part, has refused to apologise for his comment that Islamabad is “exporting terror”.

Daily Mail Monday quoted a government source as saying that Cameron would not apologise for his outspoken remarks and added: “No, he said it and he meant it.”

Pakistan reacted last week by cancelling a meeting on terrorism cooperation.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira had told reporters that President Zardari would present Cameron with “the facts on the ground” during their Friday meeting.

“The president of Pakistan will explain and have a dialogue and good discussion and he will explain the facts to the new Government over here. We hope that the new leadership over here, when they get the exact picture, will agree with us.” TOI

Mr. Zardari has antagonized a huge spectrum of the population in Pakistan by visiting England. The media and the politicians have excoriated the “Co-Chairman” of the PPP for no canceling his trip to Britian. Mr. Zardari was adamant on going. He thought that he could present his case in front of the Prime Minister of England and come back smelling of roses. Mr. Cameron had an opportunity to climb down from his high horse, and said that he had misspoken or was misreported or misunderstood–Cameron did not. As a rookie Premier, he does not know “when to hold them and when to fold them”.

Zardari continues to try to talk sense, and Mr. Cameron continue to talk nonsense. Mr. Zardari is tying to be cool and use logic. Mr. Cameron has an agenda. As a leader of the “the nation of shopkeepers” MR. Cameron was trying to make a sale–and abusing Pakistan pleased his hosts–so he did it.

The Christian Science Monitor, one of the best newspapers in the world has analyzed the back and forth between the two premiers and David Montero has published this report.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari arrived in Britain for meetings with Prime Minister David Cameron amid a spat with the United Kingdom over Pakistan’s commitment to fighting terrorism and growing calls from opposition politicians in Pakistan for the president to return home to handle the aftermath of serious flooding there.

In series of recent interviews, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Zardari have traded barbs, accusing each other of misrepresenting the wars in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Gerald Warner of the Telegraph says:

while the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is talking delusional and dishonest rubbish, that is a measure of the deficit of trust that now exists between Government and the public in Britain today.President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan has said that the US and Nato forces in Afghanistan “underestimated the situation on the ground” and that the international community “is in the process of losing the war against the Taliban”. He is right. The whole world knows that is true. All but a tiny minority of wishful thinkers in Britain know it is a fact. The Taliban has won: as Zardari said, time is on their side and they know how to wait.

Analysts are cautioning calm. Cameron should “carefully consider how best to stem the bitterness in Pakistan that threatens to damage its relations with Britain,” writes Farzana Shaikh, an analyst at Chatham House, a London-based think tank.

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