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Altaf asks ‘patriotic generals’ to act

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has demanded of ‘patriotic Pakistan Army generals’ to take action against corrupt politicians, as was done in the past martial laws in the country, saying “MQM will openly support such generals.”
He expressed these views during a telephonic address from London at an emergent meeting of workers held at Lal Qila Ground on Sunday. He said that in the past, no political leaders were held responsible for corruption, either in the interest of the US or the West by the Army generals who took over power.
Altaf said that the Army generals ruled Pakistan directly or indirectly through martial laws and for more than half of the age of the country. “If these Army generals can topple political and democratic governments, they should also bring a similar martial law to weed out these corrupt political leaders,” he stressed.
Altaf demanded that assets assessment of political leaders should be made to find out how they collected so much wealth and property. He also asked the ISI high-ups and patriotic Army generals“now we should decide once and for all that Pakistan will not take dictation from the USA and will not compromise over its solidarity and integrity”.
Lashing out at the foreign policy of the country, he said it was ineffective when compared with the policy of the neighbouring country. According to him, when the policymakers go abroad, they spend most of their time in shopping. Altaf said these generals were also unable to change the foreign policy.
Referring to the flood situation, he said flood had caused great devastation but a conspiracy was hatched by feudal lords to divert the direction of floodwaters to save their lands. He demanded that these landlords should be tried for this act of ìcrime against humanityî.
The MQM chief also appealed to the patriotic Army generals to stop supporting feudal lords and corrupt politicians for the sake of Pakistan. He also lauded the role of the Army in relief efforts and saving human lives.
He also underlined the need for a revolution similar to the French Revolution in the country and said the MQM would go for the accountability of corrupt politicians to bring back all the wealth of the country to the national exchequer.
Criticising the role of the United States, Altaf demanded of US President Barack Obama to review his policies and stop supporting feudal lords and extend support to the people of Pakistan.

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