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Indian police using Nazi tactics in Kashmir: Mirwaiz

Indian police using Nazi tactics in Kashmir: Mirwaiz

ALL Parties Hurriyat Conference leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Tuesday described the police crackdown on protesters as “Nazi tactics”, reports The Hindustan Times.

In a Press statement, Mirwaiz Farooq condemned the crackdowns and continuous arrests of children and teenagers. “We have deep concern and anguish over the safety and vulnerability of children in the custody.”
More than 20 protesters have been arrested in the last five days in separate police crackdowns in Srinagar.

“On one hand, a large number of youngsters, who include nine-year-olds and ten-year-olds are being brutally killed. More insidiously, the security apparatus is indiscriminately picking up hundreds of innocent children,” he said.

He alleged that in custody, all attempts are made to brutalise their young conscience and coerce them into submission. “These young boys are beaten and tortured in custody and their families harassed and intimidated. They have to pay large sums of money to the police in order to secure the safety and release of their innocent children,” he said.

“I strongly appeal to the media and civil society to be vigilant in identifying these practices, which are causing untold suffering to people as well as endangering our present and future social fabric,” said Mirwaiz Farooq, while referring to police using young boys as informers.

He further said the authorities should put a stop to these nefarious practices. “Rather than arresting children, the government should take action against those who are shooting and killing at will,” he added.

The Mirwaiz demanded immediate release of all boys who are in custody and asked for immediate steps to ensure that the children are not mistreated and brutalised.

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