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The sinister aspect to the floods in Pakistan

The sinister aspect to the floods in Pakistan

There is a very sinister aspect to the floods in Pakistan that no one in the media is discussing.

While there were rains and flooding in some rivers of the country, the size, scale and amount of water which came into these rivers so suddenly defies logic, considering that the rains have slowed down for a couple of weeks now but floods continue to rise in Indus and Chenab.

There were no flooding in India or in Afghanistan but the rivers that flow into Pakistan swelled beyond logic, causing death and devastation on an unprecedented scale. Indians and Afghans have used water as weapon for the first time to deluge Pakistan. There is no doubt about it. This flood disaster is more man made than natural.

All major rivers flowing into Pakistan including Indus are blocked by dams in India. On Chenab River, Baglihar is the biggest project. After the first wave of floods, all the other rivers are flowing normally and there are no extraordinary rains as well but suddenly Chenab and Indus rivers go into high floods. Baghliar Dam has opened its flood gates to cause flooding in Chenab. Sarobi Dam near Kabul controls Kabul River entering Pakistan.

The argument that the ANP always gave to block the construction of Kalabagh Dam was that it would drown and submerge Nowshehra city upstream. This was sheer non-sense. Ironically, even without this dam, the city of Nowshehra and Charsadda were drowned in artificial floods created in Kabul River.

Even more ironic is that fact that Charsadda is the strong hold and base regions of ANP!! Now they should be put on trial for their role in helping Indians cause these floods!

How does Pakistan respond to this latest Indian water war and aggression? There is no hope from this government. This water war has proved more lethal than TTP (Tahreek-e-Taleban of Pakistan) and BLA (Bolchistan Liberation Party) insurgencies. Pakistan has taken another serious hit, more from within than from without.

Thank God, the nation is alive, rising and charging forward to defend the land and the ideology. The time for change is now. Prepare yourself and make the best use of Ramadan.



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