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Pakistan Army committed to defend every inch of the country: Gen Kayani

6th September 1965, Defence Day of Pakistan is a memorable chapter of our glorious past. The day not only reminds us the valour acts of our Shuhada but also reflects the courage, solidarity and everlasting sacrifices of our brave soldiers.

Pakistan Armed forces are committed to defending every inch of the Motherland with a renewed pledge and professional activism. Today Pakistan is confronted with a number of security challenges: internally, we are faced with the menace and terrorism and extremism, which poses grave danger to our national security as well the existence of Pakistan. I am proud of the Jawans and Officers of the Pakistan military, who, keeping up with the spirit of September 6, are rending all kinds of the sacrifices and sovereignty of our country. The Armed Forces of Pakistan, on the call of the nation, have demonstrated such an unprecedented display of unity and strength that it has demoralized the enemies of Pakistan.

In the recent worst ever floods of Pakistan’s history, your swift and timely response, your commitment and concern to rescuing the lives of hundred of thousands of people, trapped and standard, shifting them safer places and providing them relief, food and shelter is exemplary once again you have proved the Pakistan Army stands beside the nation and every moment of trail.

The September 6 spirit continues to rejuvenate and transform the men in uniform of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, as well as the entire Pakistani nation. On this day we pledge once again that we leave no stone unturned in keeping up alive our lofty tradition of fortitude and courage, cause and commitment while demanding our precious homeland.

This day demands from us that we passionately enhance our professional acumen, physical as well as mental preparedness to meet any kind of challenge posed to the country, by following the footsteps of the heroes of 1965 war.

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