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Chief Justice to greet Musharraf on return: PM

MULTAN: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that if former president Pervez Musharraf returns to the country he will be received by the chief justice because a lot of cases have been lodged against him.

Talking to journalists here on Monday after meeting PML-N leader Javed Hashmi and inquiring after his health, he said political forces would not allow derailing of democracy. He said both PPP and PML-N had offered a lot of sacrifices for democracy.

“We are in favour of democracy and Nawaz Sharif also supports democracy.”

The prime minister said there was no threat to democracy in the presence of a powerful Constitution.

He said donations of over Rs4 billion had been made to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund and the government would pay Rs100,000 to each affected family.

He said the government had asked the provinces to hold judicial inquiries into breaches in dykes and the probes were under way.

The prime minister said new provinces and administrative units could be set up only in accordance with the proper process and not by issuing statements.

Addressing a gathering at the Circuit House, the prime minister said that only political parties could resolve all the issues the country was facing.

He said the parties could help the flood-affected people with the politics of reconciliation.

The prime minister urged parliamentarians to spend their development funds for reconstruction of houses destroyed or damaged by floods.

He said efforts would be made to ensure supremacy of the Constitution and strengthen parliament.

He said there was need to strengthen institutions to overcome big challenges because individuals could not solve problems.

He said the government stood for a fair and transparent system with strong institutions.

The prime minister said he wanted everyone, including the opposition, to be consulted on all important issues because harmony among political forces was important for solving problems.

He said Pakistanis being a brave nation would help the affected people to reconstruct their houses and build a new Pakistan

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