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Muslim Scholars invite Pastor Jones to Global Televised debate on Islam

Muslim Scholars invite Pastor Jones to Global Televised debate on Islam

Muslim Scholars invites Pastor Jones and his kind to a Global Televised debate on Islam.

The Pastor shows his inability to communicate and discuss Islam or his “lack of knowledge” to discuss Islam on a scholarly level.

Therefore like a media sensationalist he marketed himself as a Christian crusader and called for the burning of Al Qu’ran Furqaan (Naudhbillah).

Here is a man promoting himself as a man of God, a man of Peace promoting the teachings of our beloved prophet Esa (Jesus) Al Masih (The Messiah).

A man who hails from the “most developed” nation in the world yet he used the most incomprehensible means to vilify the religion of Islam.

What does this tell you, it to me shows two things;

1) Continued Intolerance and Ignorance of a wide portion The American public – largely the offspring of the foreign invaders of this good land – The White Caucasians from the infamous Southern States.

2) More specifically it shows a “lack of faith” on part of the Pastor and an inability to eloquently communicate his misgivings or more directly his misunderstanding of Islam and Al Qu’ran. If he is a follower of the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Jesus Al Masih then surely the method to put his point across had to be in sync with the manner and conviction of the prophets of the Children of Israel a trait which exist in Jesus (pbuh) as well as Muhammad. By this I mean an “informed discussion” through knowledge of the “superior” faith in this instance the belief or idea of Christianity Pastor Jones adheres too.

Which prophet from among the children of Israel burnt a holy book? Which prophet from among the children of Israel was unable to converse and communicate the sovereignty and beauty of their monotheistic faith with those who were seen as believing otherwise.

We Muslims still today adhere to those very principles of Tawheed and always invite people to
The “oneness of God” in the Sunnah of not just prophet Muhammad (SAW) but similarly the sunned of our Israelite Prophets.

Surely if you hold the truth then the fundamental thing about the truth (haq) is that;

“It stands firm alone” a lesson from Al Qu’ran that there is “no compulsion” in religion invite those to your faith because our faith is the truth and the truth stands firm on its own.

Muslim Scholars are inviting Pastor Jones to a debate – all over the world.
He as an ambassador of Christianity has placed himself forward to defend his belief and instruments that make up his faith as practiced “today” under the guise of the same faith brought by our beloved prophet Jesus (pbuh).

Islam believes the following about Prophet Jesus (pbuh);

1) He (pbuh) is the promised Messiah sent “only” to the lost sheep from among the house of Israel.
2) He Jesus (pbuh) had a miraculous birth – a virgin Birth and he was born to a pious and honourable woman who has among the highest status in Heaven. However it is important to note that the similitude of Jesus (pbuh) as poetically described in Al Qu’ran Furqan is that of Adam (pbuh). Both were commanded by the benevolent and masterful creator “To Be” and they came into being. One created from dust and the other in the womb of his honourable, pious beloved virgin mother (pbuh). equally similar to the birth of Isaac (pbuh) to Sara a barren old woman bears a child in her womb (note look up the age of Sara p.b.u.h when she conceives her son) and more specifically the “miraculous” birth of John The Baptist (pbuh) – son of our beloved prophet Zecharriah (pbuh) to his wife – a barren old woman who was unable to bear a child. It was the miracle and majesty of our benevolent creator and his mercy and love for Prophet Zechariah (pbuh) that the prophet’s prayer was answered. In Islam it was more important to remember where that prayer was made, close to where our honourable mother of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Mary the most high and honourable (pbuh) would retire in solitude to pray to God alone.
3) He brought with him Injeel (Evan”jeel”) which Christians today refer to The Gospel which we debate over authenticity and not we Muslims alone but a whole sway of academics and scholars who subscribe to The Christian faith.
4) The message of Jesus (pbuh) was NOT A NEW law but a Re-Affirmation of the LAW that was sent to Moses (pbuh) and what was sent to David (pbuh). Why was he sent a message which was essentially a Re-Affirmation of all that was previously sent. Well the reason was clear and if one looks into Christianity and you will see Jesus (pbuh) was at odds with the priests in the temple from a very early age. The scribes were altering the word of God by pen and misguiding the believers hence the “lost Sheep”.
5) Thus an eloquent preacher, messenger and prophet was sent who we describe just like the Christians as the “word of God”. What do we mean by this, well he did not come with a physical book, message on paper but it was through his words and teachings that he was able to challenge the evil scribes and priests who were changing the revelation. He like the prophets before him was “the word of God” – he Re-Affirmed all that was before him and brought glad tidings of things to come. Thus Injeel was not only re-affirmation of the laws/Message sent to prophets before Jesus (pbuh) but it brought good news of what was to come. By this we mean he mentioned the “praised one” or the “praised worthy” who would come after him.
This word praised one or praise worthy simple means in Hebrew and in the language of Christ – Aramaic – Achmed the rot word defining Mchmed or in Arabic Ahmed is the root word of Muhammad.

Ahmed is the name and title by what prophet Muhammad (SAW) is known in the Heavens and Muhammad (same meaning as Ahmed) is the name attributed to the seal of prophets or in Hebrew shiloh the last messenger/prophet. The discussion of prophet Muhammad (SAW) prophecy in the OT and NT is a discussion in itself. But to give those Christians who may read this to read or investigate. In the Book of John it is written – the inquisitive Jews approached our beloved prophet John the Baptist (pbuh)and asked him in very candid and specific terms not in parables but very directly and precisely;

Who are you;

1) Are you Elias? – To which prophet John (pbuh) said NO.
2) Are you then The Promised Messiah? – to which prophet John (pbuh) said NO.

..After a pause he was very directly and specifically asked a third question;

3) Are you then “That Prophet” ?. To which prophet John (pbuh) replied NO.

We learn from Christian apologetics and scholars “centuries” later that John was in fact Elias (which is hard to believe and never confirmed by the prophet himself but again a discussion in it self). We know that Jesus (pbuh) was The Promised Messiah and rightly so. But tot his day no Christian has answered who “That prophet”, the praised one, praised worthy, from the princes of Kedar (Kedar was a region outside Madinah/Yathrib as well as the son of prophet Ismael p.b.u.h). Who is this prophet was that has come from the mountains of Paran, these mountains that overlook the valley of Bacca or Makkah. Who is it that came with a fiery law which he did not stop until was implemented, a prophet from among the brethren of the Israelites like unto Moses. Who is this Prophet that glorified Jesus (pbuh) and all prophets before him and came from the desert i.e. from Kedar, from Paran. Only one came and he was Muhammad (SAW) his name means the praised one or the praiseworthy and no prophet has been showered with love and praise as much as Muhammad (SAW) with over 1.5 billion Muslim today in the world practicing the faith as it was perfected 1400 years ago.

Now going back to the topic in hand, Pastor Jones deplorable act and venomous words must not go away without due reference and correction.

Muslim Scholars are rightly so – asking for a debate. I believe this debate is a long time coming on this grand scale. It needs to be televised, globally and marketed and advertised to build up the hysteria similar to the manner the hysteria around Pastor Jones venomous words and act of desecration was widely promoted.

I think the Muslim world must unite and put forward “one champion” to meet Pastor Jones and dispel the Bush Neo Con evil Era of lies and misconceptions about Islam used to blind & divide the American public.

I recently read about how Pastor Jones came on a private televised pod cast at the ugly truth pod cast and his thin argument was torn to shreds.

Hosted by Mark Glenn, and co hosted by nashid Abdul Khaliq of http://www.ascertainthetruth.com the ugly truth invited the Pastor to actually discuss his mis-understandings on the religion of Islam.

The pastor keen to get his mug in front of a camera to discuss his church’s planned desecration of Al Qu’ran, was then asked to debate the issue in an intelligent, civil manner with Dr. Hesham Tillawi, President of the Islamic Center located in Lafayette, Louisiana, host of the weekly television program Current Issues.

When asked Pastor Jones became dumb founded -speechless and completely went ont he defensive by saying he does not “debate”, choosing instead to continue forth with the same tactics made famous by Communist and Fascist regimes of the last century–burning books.



You can reach Mark Glenn on


So Pastor Jones here is a message to you and your kind who we call ignorant uneducated bigots and promoters of hate. Sheeple individuals who are not prepared to think for themselves but happy to tow the “mainstream” line even of the source is inaccurate.

The message is clear and simple “Put your money where your mouth is”.

The Muslim world invites you to a televised debate on national and International television.

We wish to hear your powers of deduction calling the faith and practice that began with Adam (pbuh) but became an organised religion through Abraham (pbuh) and perfected by Muhammad (SAW). A faith practiced and revered, loved and held sacred by 1.5 billion people and growing across the world. How did you deduce your understanding of Islam. By what means, what is the physical evidence that you used to make your wholly unacceptable conclusion.

Discuss the tenants and teachings of Islam through Qu’ran and Sunnah and just how your powers of deductions calculated the unwarranted, despicable comments against Muslims, Islam and Al Qu’ran.

I call on ALL Muslims who read this to go forth to all American blogs related to pastor Jones and direct them to this challenge.

We are waiting for a scholarly, academic, civil debate on Islam with Pastor Jones and his kind. A debate that we call to be televised public and live across the world.

We The Muslims the followers of the covenant that began with Abraham (pbuh) and the faith that was perfected through Al Qu’ran Furqaan taught to mankind by Muhammad (SAW) “the praised one” / “praised worthy” prophet prophesised to The Children of Israel.

Do you the western world accept our challenge are you sincere enough to learn about Islam to rid your self of the demons of misconceptions creating divides and causing conflict and bloodshed to untold millions of people across the world.

Is America ready to rid itself of the ghosts of The Neo Con – Fascist regime.

We invite you to discuss Islam in a civil and academic way and dispel yourself of all that you do not comprehend and wrongfully associate with Islam.

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