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NATO’s Afghan-bound supply trucks stopped

Islamabad/Peshawar—Pakistani officials said Thursday that they had blocked NATO supply trucks from entering Afghanistan at one key border post after an early morning NATO air strike that killed three Pakistani border security soldiers. A senior military official said the move was made in protest of that attack and other recent NATO air strikes in Pakistan. Pakistan believes the strikes have been carried out as “pressure tactics” meant to force the Pakistani army to conduct operations against al-Qaeda and Afghan insurgents based in the mountainous tribal area of North Waziristan, the official said.

“There is no justification for these attacks and they must come to an end with immediate effect,” the military official said. The blockade comes days after Pakistan protested NATO airstrikes that killed insurgents inside Pakistan and threatened to cut off supply routes.

The uncalled for and unjustified adventurism of the NATO forces operating inside Afghanistan continued side by side the drone attacks on Pakistani soil Thursday as a fresh attack by the allied forces in Kurram agency resulted in Shahadat of three security personnels and injuries to three others. The NATO helicopters, as the reports said, struck twice in two areas in Kurram agency Thursday morning.

In the meanwhile, yet another drone attack in North Waziristan agency Wednesday late night left at least five people dead and three others wounded.

As many as three strikes by the NATO Apache copters in North Waziristan and Kurram agencies on last Friday , Saturday and Sunday, it may be recalled had killed over fifty people. Amid strong protest by the Pakistani government, the NATO officials had claimed that their choppers had struck in response to the militant’s attack on their out post Khost Afghanistan and that they, (NATO) had the agreement with Pakistani government to violate Pakistani Air space up to few kilometers what it termed in hot pursuit of a target. However, their claims could never be substantiated.

Reports reaching here said a couple of NATO helicopters once again did the adventurism Thursday morning coming deep into Kurram and attacked security post of the FC in Mandato Kandao area.

“The NATO helicopters intruded into Pakistan territory early Thursday morning and targeted a security check post killing three soldiers. officials told Observer adding the NATO choppers hit the Mandato Kandao security check post at Pak-Afghan border in upper Kurram Agency killing three security personnel and wounding equal number of others in shelling.

The NATO officials said Thursday it was investigating reports that three of Pakistan soldiers were killed in a cross-border attack by coalition helicopters based in Afghanistan.

While the FC officials confirmed that NATO helicopters launched bombing in Mand-To-Kandao area, located in Kurram District on Pak-Afghan border, resulting in killing three security men and injuring many others.

NATO helicopters intruded up to five kilometers (three miles) into Pakistan’s airspace, the NATO again came up with a lame excuse that the strike may be in response to the insurgents attempted ambush on their men inside Afghanistan.

“Early this morning, a coalition force observed what they believed was a group of insurgents attempting to fire mortars at a coalition base in the border area of Dand Patan district, Paktiya province,” NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in statement claiming the team reported they did not cross into Pakistan airspace and believed the insurgent location was on the Afghan side of the border.”

The NATO helicopters, as the reports say again violated the Pakistani Air space and pounded border area Pashu Kandao area of Kurram Agency in second such attack by coalition forces inside Pakistan on Thursday.

“After being informed by Pakistan military officials that their border forces had been hit, ISAF said it was working with the Pakistanis “to ascertain if the two events are linked”. The ever innocent and ignorant ISAF officials said.

On the other hand the notorious American drones struck again struck in Meazer area of Tehsil Datta Khel some 30 kilometers from Miran Shah , the headquarters of North Waziristan Agency on the night between Wednesday and Thursday and targeted a vehicle with a couple of hell fire missiles killing five people and wounding three others. The officials and the locals said the vehicle was destroyed completely and their was no report of any known person killing in fresh missiles hit though some officials claim two foreign militants were among the dead.

The locals said a number of drones or the CIA operated pilot less US planes were seen flying at low altitude.

It will be pertinent to mention that the month of September has seen maximum number of drones attacks as the predator planes struck almost daily our northern borders and conducted 20 strikes in North Waziristan Agency and three in South Waziristan during this month.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has emphatically stated that it will not allow violation of its territorial borders and protect its sovereignty at all costs.

Commenting on violation of Pakistan’s territory by NATO forces Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit in his weekly press briefing on Thursday said Pakistan also sent its response to Nato headquarter and strongly protested to ISAF/Nato on these incidents of aerial engagements from the Afghanistan side into Pakistani territory by ISAF/Nato helicopters and we have been assured that the ISAF and Nato forces will strictly abide by their mandate and not infringe on the country’s sovereignty.

He said these incidents are a clear violation and breach of the UN mandate under which ISAF operates. The spokesman said investigation is going on in the attack by Nato helicopters in Kurram Agency, in which three Pakistani soldiers were killed.

The spokesman said Pakistan has always emphasized the need for coordinated and joint action against forces inimical to regional and global peace. About Thursday’s attack on a check post by Nato helicopters in Kurram Agency, the spokesman said the concerned authorities are currently investigating the incident and the response will follow as soon as the investigation is completed.

Asked about media reports that the terrorists’ roots are in Pakistan and the drone attacks are part of the effort to dislodge them. Thre spokesman said we were not aware of any terrorist plots as was reported in the international media and nor were we given any intelligence to this effect. He reiterated that Pakistan is committed not to allow its territory for terrorist actions anywhere in the world and is doing its utmost to ensure this.

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