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ISI will bury India, US in Afghanistan: Zaid Hamid on PressTV

July 1, 2010 2 comments

Former Chief of IB Brig. Imtiaz (Rtd) and renowned Pakistani defence analyst Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid in a candid discussion on the recent history of Afghanistan and why it lives up to its reputation of being a graveyard of empires. Must watch analysis (English language)

Target locked-on: Pakistan

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Courtesy: PKKH

An Open Letter from Pakistani Patriots to the Indo-American TTP and Their Backers

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

PKKH Exclusive

Sumayya Chawla | Team PKKH

Today is the day we look you in the eye and say “enough!”  As we bury our Shaheeds, our eyes are heavy from the tears that we have shed and our shoulders heave with the grief that we have carried upon them. But before you even begin to delude yourselves with the idea that you have defeated this nation, take a very close look at the hands that have carried the martyrs to their graves, look closely and you will notice that these hands do not shake, that the feet that walk our loved ones to their resting places do not falter. Look at our eyes, and behind the tears and the grief you will see the rage, you will see the storm that is brewing on the horizon and the lightning that will strike you dead. We know you are afraid as you should be, afraid of a people that do not know the meaning of defeat; a people who only know how to sacrifice their all for the love of RasulAllah (PBUH), for this Ummah and for Pak Sarzameen. For every single one of us you kill, a thousand more shall rise. As you attack us from behind, we hit you from the front; we hit you where it hurts. We are hunting you down, one by one, and you have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We want you to know that you will not break us. InshAllah. No matter how many of us you kill, Pak Sarzameen will always be protected by her sons and daughters, one hundred and seventy five million of us.

You thought that this nation was asleep; you thought that you could take us out in the dark of the night and we won’t resist. What you didn’t think was that this nation would finally wake up and understand your game, as we all do now. What you didn’t think or expect was that the little children whom you slaughter in our mosques would hurl your hand grenades back at you before they embraced shahadat. What you didn’t estimate when you were hatching your dirty plans was the power of Love that we have for Pakistan and Islam, the love that is shared by millions of Muslims all over the world. What you didn’t estimate or could even understand, was the spiritual awakening that is spreading like wild fire across this land. Thanks to your dirty game to sully the true spirit of Jihad, every child in Pakistan now knows the difference between true Mujahedeen, those blessed soldiers of Allah, and the child-killing monsters that you have bought for a few dollars and trained, to kill innocent Pakistanis. We are Muslims and we know what our religion stands for, you cannot fool us anymore. We have seen your real faces.

As our brave jawaans and officers strike terror in your hearts in Waziristan, the entire nation stands with them, shoulder to shoulder. You come to our cities, we will hunt you there. You come to our neighborhoods, we will hunt you there.  The Pakistani Nation will not sit and go down quietly. We know who you are and we know your game. We will resist you with the power of our faith, with our unity and without any fear in our hearts except for the fear of Allah. We are a nation that has been through rivers of fire and blood before, and we survived and rose from the ashes. You haven’t seen anything yet. The Lions of this Ummah live here, in Pakistan.  You have challenged the dignity of a nation whose hearts beat one to the sound of La Ilaha IllAllah, Muhammad Ur RasulAllah. With this Kalima in our hearts and the love of RasulAllah (PBUH) that runs in our veins, we will unleash a defeat so enormous that you will regret the day you were born. This is a promise and God willing, we will keep it.

Pakistan is the unfinished dream of this Ummah: we will take this dream to its Takmeel.

By God we will!

Pakistan Zindabaad | Pakistan Army Paindabaad.